People spend a large amount of their time at work, so having a good environment to come to every day is important. There are lots of things you can do to enhance a work environment in terms of the physical space, operational, and cultural improvements.

1. Utilise natural lighting

Overexposure to fluorescent or low quality lighting is harmful to employees and impacts their performance. Many people suffer from headaches, migraines, and vision problems from looking at computer screens all day under poor lighting conditions. This reduces their performance by making them uncomfortable, and it can also cause trouble sleeping which contributes to overtiredness at work.

Natural lighting is known to enhance the quality of energy and sleep for people in the workplace. Incorporating sufficient natural light and optimising working space around windows will improve conditions and productivity for your staff.

Workers in a brightly lit office

2. Communicate well

Communication between management and staff is important. It needs to be regular (but not overwhelming), friendly, and transparent. Employees will feel connected and valued if they are kept in the loop about what’s happening in the company and given opportunities to comment or submit ideas.

3. Limit meetings

Anyone working in an office knows how much time can be spent in meetings. Some reports estimate the average professional will attend over 60 meetings a month – and they aren’t all necessary! Employees can often feel frustrated by the amount of time they spend in unhelpful meetings. Encourage using email or phone calls for discussions between staff members, or provide some open working areas where people can catch up in person for quick chats.

4. Balance utility with personality

Your office space needs to be functional and fit-for-purpose, but don’t be afraid to include a bit of your own flair! Show off your unique brand and style with cool décor and furniture. You want your employees to be inspired and empowered by their environment.

5. Flexible workspaces

People have different working styles and have varied requirements for their workspaces. Offering a combination of open workspaces and more quieter, secluded spaces gives your staff options depending on the type of work they need to get done.

Some staff will also have a preference (or a medical reason) for standing at work, so having standing desks available is also great. Providing Wi-Fi throughout the office also allows more flexibility away from their desks.

Develop a positive office culture

6. Encourage work/life balances

It is easy to get a bit too immersed in work, especially when a big project or deadline is looming. During busy times people will often stay at work late, skip lunch breaks, or work from home in the evenings or on weekends. It’s important to be aware of this as it can lead to stress and burnout among employees. Make sure you are encouraging everyone to look after themselves and allow days-in-lieu or overtime when necessary.

7. Build a community

We spend a lot of time around our teammates, so it’s nice to have a sense of community among staff. Occasional team building or group activities are great for getting everyone together and doing something a bit different. Something as simple as a monthly team coffee (or Friday drink!) can really make a difference in workplace culture.

8. Celebrate wins and hard work

It’s nice to be acknowledged when you have completed a big piece of work or put a lot of effort into a particular project or task. Thanking your staff for a job well done is important. Sharing their success around the business is a great way to promote the team’s success and make people feel more valued.

Empty office

9. Listen to your staff and use feedback

Your employees are heavily involved in the daily business-as-usual processes and tasks. They are going to be aware of potential improvement opportunities or things that aren’t working so well. If they bring you feedback or ideas for improvements, they are providing valuable information. Be sure to listen and consider their suggestions.

10. Keep it clean and comfortable

An unclean work environment is an unpleasant one! Your staff members need a hygienic and clean space to work in every day. This is not just for their comfort, but also for their health. Illnesses spread very quickly through unclean office environments, meaning people end up off work sick more often.

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