Business FAQs

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No, Crewcare does the invoicing on your behalf. Each month, you are sent a remittance report based on your clients, and as the clients forward the payment to Crewcare, your royalty fee is deducted, and your payment is forwarded by direct credit. Crewcare endeavours to collect money as quickly as possible from your clients. In the event that a client is slow or late, Crewcare’s support office will undertake the sending of reminders and late notices on your behalf.

Generally speaking your client will be invoiced at the end of each month, with the payment due on the 20th of the following month. Example, client is invoiced on the 31st of January for the work carried out on the sites during the month of January, and payment is due from the client before the 20th February. You will be paid as soon as your client pays Crewcare. We would expect most payments to be through before the end of the month and if not, we carry out debt collection on your behalf.

Crewcare has partnered with key stakeholders within the cleaning industry to developp a standard equipment startup kit. This kit may vary depending on the sites that you will be assigned, but it will include all the equipment you will need to carry out day-to-day cleaning at your sites. Obviously equipment will need replacing from time-to-time. It is important that you keep your gear in good condition, and only purchase approved chemicals and equipment.

Subject to approval from the regional office, you can employ people to help you. They must be pre-approved by Crewcare, and be eligible to work legally in NZ. You are responsible for ensuring that you are compliant with New Zealand employment law, including the payment of taxes for employees. You must ensure that your employees are supervised on site, and ultimately as franchise owner, you carry the responsibility for their actions.

You will need a white vehicle. Crewcare recommends a light van, or station wagon so that you can easily transport your equipment and any rubbish that needs removing from a site. The vehicle must be in good condition so that you represent the Crewcare brand with professionalism.

You should either contact your accountant or business advisor who will be able to carry this out for you, or go to the web page where you can register a company online. The Inland Revenue website will give you the information you need to register for GST.

The minimum requirement is that you have a smart-phone capable of sending and receiving emails.