Commercial Cleaning Services in NZ

At Crewcare, our highly trained, experienced, and skilled team can offer services tailored to your specific requirements.

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It's sometimes hard to find commercial cleaners who will get the job done, hassle-free.

We understand how clean and well-kept commercial spaces can provide a safer and more productive environment for both staff members and clients. We do our best to keep the spaces you frequent every day tidy and polished to perfection.

Every business owner needs to have a clean and healthy establishment no matter what the business setting is, and this is where Crewcare comes in. Our cleaning teams composed of trained professionals are ready to handle your commercial cleaning requirements, no matter how big or small your premises are. We use the best cleaning products and always set high standards for our work for the benefit of our customers, whether they require educational cleaning, hospitality cleaning, retail cleaning, or office cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Service Options

Regular Office Cleaning Services

Regular office cleaning can definitely make a huge difference in your work environment. A cleaning company like Crewcare can ensure you’ll have a welcoming and healthy place to work in.

Regular Educational Cleaning Services

If you’re looking for an educational facility cleaning service that caters to the unique requirements of your early childhood centre, primary school, intermediate school, or college, contact Crewcare.

Cafe, Bar, & Restaurant Cleaning Services

Business owners are aware of the stress that comes with running a food service establishment. If you want to ensure that your café, bar, or restaurant is flawlessly clean, get in touch with Crewcare.

Deep Cleaning for Coronavirus

Medical cleaning services have become important for the healthcare industry now more than ever. Crewcare offers flexibility and reliability for your medical facility so get in touch today.

Fitness Gym Cleaning

Our gym and fitness center cleaning not only focuses on visible areas but also addresses hidden nooks and crannies that are prone to accumulating dirt and grime.

Commercial Warehouse Cleaning

Our trained cleaning professionals have specialised techniques and equipment to ensure thorough cleaning of the warehouse space. Get in touch today to get a quote for your warehouse cleaning.

Bank Cleaning

Crewcare is the ideal choice for cleaning services for banks and government buildings. We are specialize in meeting the specific requirements of these industries and are known for their unwavering dedication to excellence, security, and professionalism, making them the top choice for financial institutions and government offices.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Crewcare has all the latest equipment and quality assurance measures to improve the state of your carpets in no time. We go deep to find what’s lurking underneath.

Floor Polishing Services

Over time, hard flooring can lose its glossy look under a layer of dirt and grime. At Crewcare, we make sure that your floor is polished and glossy without making them slippery.

Cleaning NZ commercial spaces, one site at a time

We provide regular cleaning services to different industries including office cleaning and educational cleaning, as well as medical practices, childcare centres, gyms, food and manufacturing sites.

With the experience we have gained over time as a cleaning company, we have enhanced our procedures to introduce a well-defined, sustainable cleaning system that is innovative and practical. We aim to constantly deliver the quality service we are known all over the country for.

Supply of cleaning materials are included in the service provided

Supply of consumables, i.e. hand towels, rubbish bags, etc. are available at a competitive rate

Other specialised services such as carpet steaming, window washing, etc. are available at competitive rates

Commercial Cleaning Support and Services

  • Account Management

    An experienced operations team member will be on-site regularly to complete audits and to meet with your site contact or property maintenance personnel as required. They can arrange any additional commercial cleaning services required, discuss any issues and implement improvements as necessary to run your cleaning business.

  • Performance Management

    We measure the standard and the quality of the work being done by doing regular on-site audits to ensure a benchmark of 85% as per the set commercial cleaning standards.

  • Customer Service

    Communication is key when we deliver and execute, this is achieved with the help of our revolutionary online real-time tracking system called Carenote.

    Our cleaners are business owners, too. Our team consists of reliable and honest cleaners. This ensures that you get the most out of the professional commercial cleaning services we provide.

    Please note that our cleaning company does NOT cover domestic cleaning services, house cleaning, home cleaning, or residential property services.

The Crewcare Difference

Crewcare is a variation of our original name based on our people – our ’Crew’ and our mantra of ’caring’ about our customers and our work. We take great pride in our reputation for consistency, dedication, communication, and excellent service to make good cleaning noticeable. All franchise owner operators follow a system designed for efficiency, client satisfaction, and results.

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