Commercial Cleaning Services

It’s sometimes hard to find commercial cleaners who will get the job done, hassle-free.

We understand how clean and well-kept commercial spaces can provide a safer and more productive environment for both staff members and clients. We do our best to keep the spaces you frequent every day tidy and polished to perfection.

Every business owner needs to have a clean and healthy establishment no matter what the business setting is, and this is where Crewcare comes in. Our cleaning teams composed of trained professionals are ready to handle your needs and cleaning requirements, no matter how big or small your premises are. We use the best cleaning products and always set high standards for our work for the benefit of our customers.

We offer high quality cleaning for your work environment through our office cleaning service. We also offer cleaning for schools, restaurants, and other business establishments alongside carpet cleaning and floor polishing. Our cleaners are business owners, too. Crewcare consists of reliable and honest cleaners to ensure that you get the most out of the commercial cleaning services we provide. Please note that our cleaning company only covers commercial cleaning and NOT home cleaning.

Deep Cleaning for Coronavirus

This is a high-level sanitation process against the novel coronavirus, which goes beyond our standard scope of work and contract. This solution is ideal for healthcare facilities, as well as non-health care premises such as schools, offices, and restaurants that may have suffered a case of COVID-19, or as an ideal precautionary measure to help stop the spread of the disease.


Regular Office Cleaning Services

You stay in your office for a good eight hours, which is already a third of your day. Therefore, you need to keep it as tidy and organised as you would keep your home. Regular office cleaning can definitely make a huge difference for various work environments. It will be beneficial not just for employees but also for guests who frequent your building. Getting help from a cleaning company like Crewcare ensures that the people coming in and out of your office have a welcoming and healthy place to go in.


Regular Educational Cleaning Services

The classroom is a place for learning, creativity, discovery, and mess! Students at different levels thrive in extremely different environments, so the requirements for this type of cleaning can vary greatly depending on the type of institution – it’s always different for every kindergarten, every school, and every university. If you’re looking for an educational facility cleaning service that caters to your unique requirements, be sure to contact Crewcare.


Cafe, Bar, & Restaurant Cleaning Services

We know how stressful running a food service already is, so allow us to take the stress out of ensuring that your café, bar, or restaurant is flawlessly clean. Convince your customers to come back not just for the good food, but also for the clean surfaces, spotless floors, and sparking surfaces in your establishment. We can operate until the early hours to get your cleaning done.


Carpet Cleaning Services

Your carpets go through constant wear and tear simply because they are in high traffic areas. They get stepped on, get covered in dust, and occasionally get bread crumbs and juice spilled all over them. It’s important to get them cleaned at least twice a year so they last longer and stay cleaner. Crewcare has all the latest equipment and quality assurance measures to improve the state of your carpets in no time. We go deep to find what’s lurking underneath – dirt, dust, and allergens – you name it.


Floor Polishing Services

Flooring is everywhere – on schools, offices, restaurants, shops – virtually in any business setting or establishment that has high foot traffic. Over time, your hard flooring can lose its glossy look under a layer of dirt and grime. At Crewcare, we make sure that your floor is polished and glossy. Our years of experience and skill in floor polishing and restoration has also taught us to provide shiny floor surfaces without making them slippery, which is important to your safety.