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On the surface, businesses pay for commercial cleaning to make their business space look excellent. After all, making a great impression is essential, particularly for dealing with customers face-to-face every day. For example, people quickly notice when a facility, such as a medical centre’s reception area, looks adequately maintained. Inevitably, customers want to feel welcome, safe, and comfortable in any place of business; a clean space will instantly make them feel this way.

However, there is a more substantial and far more critical function that the process of commercial cleaning serves. Realistically, a reception area might look nice and bright, but it may only be on the surface. When commercial cleaning services are not done within sanitary and hygienic standards, bacteria, germs, and harmful microscopic particles are left underneath, leading to the spread of diseases and infections.

This is most especially true when it comes to medical facilities where the safety and well-being of patients and staff should be the highest priority. Our commercial cleaners are dedicated to thoroughly disinfecting every inch of your facility, eliminating these harmful bacteria, germs, and harmful microscopic particles, ensuring a healthy, safe, and sanitised environment where your staff can work and patients can recuperate.

With literal lives at stake, commercial cleaning in a medical or health facility cannot be taken lightly. It requires a meticulous approach with disinfection and sanitation as overarching goals. Our crew of expert cleaners follows strict sanitary and hygienic standards to ensure that every corner of your space is cleaned and disinfected, leaving no room for compromise.

By entrusting your healthcare cleaning needs to Crewcare, you can rest assured that the spread of diseases and infections will be minimized. Harmful pathogens can lurk in even the most seemingly pristine environments, but our comprehensive cleaning approach targets these hidden threats, safeguarding the health of everyone entering your facilities.

Don't underestimate the critical role that commercial cleaning plays in the healthcare industry. By prioritizing thorough disinfection and adhering to stringent sanitary and hygienic standards, our healthcare cleaning provider ensures that your medical facility remains a safe and healthy environment. From the reception area to every corner of your space, our dedicated team leaves no room for error when it comes to preventing the spread of diseases and infections. Choose our professional healthcare cleaning services to provide peace of mind to your patients, staff, and visitors.

Cleaners carry out their cleaning tasks to disinfect a space, ensuring a healthy, safe, and sanitised environment.

Realistically, a reception area might look nice and bright, but it may only be on the surface. When the cleaning isn’t thorough, bacteria, germs, and harmful microscopic particles are left underneath, leading to the spread of diseases and infection.

Therefore, cleaning in a medical or health facility should be taken seriously, with disinfection and sanitation as an overarching goal. Every inch of space should be cleaned and disinfected (in that order); no compromises.

Expertise and Experience

Crewcare’s decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry ensures that each team member understands the unique challenges of cleaning in the health sector. In addition, our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in cleaning while reducing the risk of infection ensure that we do what we promise for healthcare customers of all sizes. Whether it was the Covid pandemic or seasonal outbreaks, our team has managed to weather them all and provide exceptional commercial cleaning services for all.

Security and Safety

All Crewcare cleaners are police vetted and trained in relevant laws for your protection. You can easily identify our team members through their ID badges and smart Crewcare uniforms. Our branded vehicles further reinforce our commitment to your safety and peace of mind. We understand that business owners put a lot of investment and care into their properties and we commit to do the same by putting your safety and security as the top of mind when we deal with everyone–franchisees and customers alike.

Dedicated Team

Cleaning and disinfecting a medical facility follows stringent quality protocols because of contamination or disease spread threats. Therefore, it’s only necessary for the cleaning personnel to be trained appropriately and receive ample time and resources to get the job done.

Health and Hygiene

Health and hygiene are at the core of our healthcare cleaning services. Our cleaning crews are well-aware of the potential exposure to unknown pathogens during their tasks. As a result, they strictly adhere to wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize risks. We prioritize the safety of our team and your facility by training them in operations, chemical safety, handling cleaning solutions, waste disposal, and proper disinfection techniques.

Additionally, we require cleaners to stay home when they are sick to ensure they break the chain of infection.

Putting Patient and Staff Health and Safety First

From medical centres, dental offices, urgent care centres, clinics, physicians’ offices, medical offices, exam rooms, and the like, we perform specialised deep cleaning and proper infection prevention cleaning protocols that emphasise risk reduction and guarantee patient and staff safety and satisfaction.

  • We let you begin with a fresh start every day - from cleaning surfaces, floor polishing services, sanitizing equipment, or emptying trash bins, we leave no stone unturned in creating a safe and welcoming public space.

  • We ensure that patients and visitors are waiting in a safe, healthy environment that prevents the spread of infection and avoids cross-contamination.

  • We maintain high-touch equipment, devices, and surfaces to a high standard to keep them hygienic and ready for subsequent users.

  • We bring our attention to detail even to the smallest nooks and crannies of your healthcare facility; our knowledge of tools and cleaning equipment is unmatched.

Ready for a customised medical cleaning service?

Talk to us about your medical cleaning requirements. We will collaborate with your healthcare facility stakeholders to create an efficient cleaning system that highlights infection control and sets your space up for long-term success. Make your patients feel the Crewcare difference. The difference is noticeable!

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