Environmental Policies

The Environment Matters

As New Zealand’s cleaning franchise company, Crewcare is committed to environmental sustainability in all aspects of our services, whether we’re providing educational cleaning, medical cleaning, office cleaning, or specialised deep cleanings for any other type of facility. We understand the importance of preserving the planet and promoting responsible practices, so our cleaning products are endorsed by environmental choice New Zealand – guaranteeing eco-friendly solutions that are gentle on your valuable surfaces. We also have a range of industrial cleaners and specialised products to meet your specific requirements. Plus, we have the experience to deal with specialist environments such as dust-free, hazardous chemicals, or high-security workplaces.

We have zero tolerance for greenwashing and keep ourselves accountable at all times when it comes to initiating and following suit in our sustainability efforts.

Some of Our Sustainable Practices

  • Using green cleaning products.
  • Reducing the use of water.
  • Microfibre cleaning techniques which reduce the use of chemicals.
  • Fully supporting our clients’ initiatives with recycling.
  • Encouraging the use of compostable rubbish bags and bin liners.

More and more consumers are becoming informed about environmental issues. As such, they have started looking for brands that manufacture products using ethical, responsible, and sustainable means.

Moreover, the word “organic” on the label is no longer enough to convince consumers. Companies have to be completely transparent about not only what goes into their products, but also what was removed. In short, you can’t fool the modern consumer. At Crewcare, we recognize the shift in consumer expectations and proudly embrace an approach that aligns with their values.

When it comes to the cleaning industry, the sustainability trend is more than just using eco-friendly products. It’s also about eco-friendly practices, like using less water or saving on power usage.

Our commitment to sustainability entails considering every aspect of our services, from the products we use to the practices we employ.

Commercial cleaning companies also have to think about minimising waste. Traditional cleaning practices often rely heavily on single-use items like paper towels, leading to unnecessary waste generation. At Crewcare, we take a proactive approach to waste reduction by promoting the use of sustainable alternatives. We encourage the adoption of reusable and recyclable materials, reducing our reliance on disposable products. By minimizing waste, we contribute to a circular economy and mitigate the environmental impact of our cleaning operations. It has to be a holistic approach to sustainability, ensuring that our clients receive cleaning services that align with their environmental values.

Our expert commercial cleaners strive to make a positive impact on the environment while delivering exceptional cleaning services on every cleaning task. We understand the importance of transparent and responsible practices in meeting the evolving demands of modern consumers. By choosing Crewcare, you not only benefit from a clean and hygienic environment but also contribute to a sustainable future. Join us in our commitment to environmental sustainability and experience the difference it makes in creating a healthier and greener world.

Crewcare is certified by QAS International for ISO 14001:2015 (NZP1096EN).

This certification specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an organisation can use to enhance its environmental performance, which means the cleaning company is capable of meeting its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.