• All stakeholders immediately notified when a fault is reported.
  • Auditable tickets created deficiencies/work orders
  • Records of all inspections are retained online with the ability to benchmark performance over time
  • 24/7 access to information via any web browser – no information lost
  • 100% transparency for all parties

The Carenote advantage

Carenote is a system for all parties to record feedback, track results, questions. Making the management of cleaning effortless and transparent. Any “ticket” raised via Carenote will be monitored and prioritized and actioned swiftly with feedback made within minutes. Franchisee are alerted immediately when inspections are performed and improvements need to be made, ensuring that the deficiencies are corrected in a timely manner.

All activity is retained as a permanent and transparent record available for reference by Crewcare and the customer meaning that crucial site information and feedback is always available.

We strive to make the management of cleaning totally transparent and effortless.

Simple and effective communication

If you have a comment, complaint or request (i.e. need more toilet paper this week), you have a number of options to let us know. You can: write a note, email us, or call us.

Tickets are an easy way to keep track of service requests, customer complaints and issues that need to be resolved. Once a ticket has been created, the people involved including the franchisee, Crewcare manager, and client are notified immediately. Crewcare will rectify this ticket as quickly as possible. Anyone can add comments to an open ticket. Once rectified, either the franchisee or Crewcare manager would then change the ticket to “resolved”, again advising both the client and the manager at the same time.

Carenote tickets notify both your cleaning crew and at least two Crewcare managers. You can receive a notification via email every time there are any changes made to your ticket.