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In order to be a really successful commercial cleaning franchisee, you need a few key skills, but more importantly, the right attitude.

The work is quite simple, and as long as you are prepared to show a great deal of pride in your performance, then your customers will love you, and word of your abilities will spread far and wide. This will enable you to attract additional income.

At Crewcare we live by the mantra of ‘making cleaning noticable’. We always go the extra mile; we never leave a site unless we are 100 percent satisfied that we have done the job to the very best of our ability.

We don’t cut corners, and we acknowledge that the customer is always right. We wear uniforms, and we care about the environment.

If you are the sort of person that thinks this way, then we need to talk further, because you are exactly the person we are looking to join the Crew.

Things we look for in a new franchise owner

  • An eye for detail
  • An ability to provide a consistent level of performance
  • An ability to take on board advice and guidance.
  • A desire to work within well defined protocols
  • A ‘yes we can’ attitude to helping out your clients
  • We take pride in the Crewcare ethic, and do everything to protect our name.