The Crewcare Difference

Crewcare has effective systems in place that ensures our cleaning service is a hassle-free one. Whether it’s security, training, environmental policies or effective communication – we take the extra steps to ensure that you don’t have to worry about them.

Care of your premises

We here at Crewcare are dedicated in ensuring that your site is well cared for which includes the following requirements:

Security. All operators /staff on site are security vetted and before they work on premises.

Sustainability and the Environment. Our products are eco-friendly. We use HEPA filters in our vacuums to minimise the impact of dust. We also store our chemicals correctly and make sure that waste is disposed of correctly. Whenever possible, we use recycled products and work with customers to help minimise ours and their carbon footprint.

Our Responsibility

Public Liability Insurance. All owner-operators have a public liability insurance cover to the minimum of $5 million.

Health and Safety. Crewcare is committed to promoting the Health and Safety of all its staff, franchisees, and our customers. We recognise that the health of all parties is an important factor in productivity and an efficient workplace and the promotion of good WHS practices are preferable to dealing with incident/accidents.

  • We are committed to taking all steps to provide a safe working environment and to comply with the current Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.
  • Each franchisee undergoes personalised training by our operations team to comply with health and safety guidelines and a site risk assessment is carried out at the commencement of a contract.
  • Every Crewcare franchisee is in possession of their CleenSafe safety work kit which is tailored towards commercial cleaning.

Transition of Cleaning Services

Before we commence: Each of our members is trained on how to clean safely and effectively. Our goal is to clean each facility efficiently, professionally, and safely.

During commencement: The processes we have in place for induction will ensure that the transition is seamless, effortless and hassle-free as possible.

After Commencement: We have created a systematic approach to deliver and clean to ensure a safe and efficient service to ensure your site is clean and healthy. By this we monitor, support and audit to ensure our cleaning standard meet the required standards.

You can explore our standards in detail by clicking on any of the images below: