At Crewcare, we understand that having a clean and hygienic space is important to keep customers coming back to your restaurant, bar, or café. This is why we’ve carefully tailored a complete cleaning service fit only for this specific purpose.

Restaurants, bars, and cafes need to be immaculately clean not just during opening hours but also when the lights go out. The level of cleanliness in your hospitality business space or establishment can directly reflect the quality of service that you offer. A good commercial cleaning company would ensure that your premises look and smell good, with a thorough and consistently effective clean.

Commercial cleaning for restaurants

If you own a restaurant and your cleaning isn’t top-notch, customers wouldn’t trust the quality of your food and might completely resort to avoiding going to your place. In addition, there are certain standards of cleanliness that you must meet in order to continue your operations. The relevant government authorities will be monitoring you periodically to ensure that food safety and sanitation measures are met.

At Crewcare, we’ve cleaned hundreds of local restaurants serving different categories from casual dining, fine dining, family-style, and contemporary restaurants. We are trained and equipped to service FOH areas, BOH areas and all facilities within the restaurant industry.

Commercial cleaning for bars

In New Zealand, bars or pubs are a big industry, so it won’t be easy to compare bar cleaning with other regular commercial cleaning services such as office cleaning. As a bar manager or owner, you can’t take the Kiwi consumer for granted. Your place is probably packed every night especially on the weekends, so you need to keep it clean and spotless every time a drink is served.

Maintaining a high standard of bar cleaning can help you gain customer loyalty and ensure that your business remains afloat. While wiping down the bar for spilled drinks, ensuring ice bins, liquor bottles aren’t dusty, and checking that glasses are clean and fresh-smelling are often assigned to your in-house personnel, it’s also important to complete deeper cleaning tasks that don’t need to be done daily.

Commercial cleaning for cafes

A cluttered and dirty café can be a disappointment to customers, which is why Crewcare also offers cafe cleaning services. No matter how good your flat white tastes or how excellent your all-day breakfast selection is, patrons will immediately notice if you incur any lapses in the cleaning department.

Knowing how bad reviews and negative comments about hygiene and sanitation can hurt your establishment’s reputation, it would be best not to miss out on anything concerning cleanliness.

Crewcare’s comprehensive restaurant cleaning services include:

  • Detailed floor cleaning, sweeping, mopping and polishing
  • Window cleaning
  • Clean of external bar areas
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitising of bathroom areas, including bathroom sinks, urinals and toilets
  • Replenishing and supplying of washroom consumables
  • Spot cleaning of walls, ledges and skirtings

We’ll clean floors and surfaces and make them sparkling clean. All you need to take care of are your stainless steel kitchen items, ovens, fryers, reach-in coolers, and food preparation.

We also employ the use of state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning tools to make sure that everything is clean and sanitized. We’ll stick to our cleaning schedule to reduce the risk of contamination or harm.

Why you need professional cleaning in your establishment

There are many cleaning companies focused on regular cleaning for restaurants, bars, or cafés, but some of them won’t be able to offer services as comprehensive as ours. With us, you don’t need to hire multiple companies to keep your establishment spotlessly clean.

Making sanitation a priority

Having a place that looks clean and smells clean doesn’t necessarily equate to being bacteria-free and germ-free. Dining areas have constant foot traffic, while kitchen areas are expected to be busy all the time. Maintaining an establishment that is sanitary on all fronts is always a challenge, especially when there are food and raw materials involved. If you hire a professional commercial cleaner that focuses on such a setup, you’ll be sure to maintain a sanitary environment.

Food safety and compliance

A food establishment might be putting its customers’ health and safety at risk if it’s not meeting all the food safety, health and safety, and council compliance regulations needed in the business. One good way to avoid this is to make sure that your space is always clean, sanitary, and pest or insect-free, always ready for health inspectors or health inspections.

Creating a good impression among customers

There’s no place for a dirty restaurant, bar, or café in the hospitality world, so you should never compromise the cleanliness of your establishment. Your customers are your key to success, and surely not one of them wants to eat in a messy table. If they see an unclean counter or notice icky tables and floors, they might get discouraged to come back. You’ll need commercial cleaners on top of your in-house staff who can do this cleaning job right.

Restaurant Cleaning, Bar Cleaning, and Café Cleaning

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