What does it take to keep your floors good as new? Outrageous fees paid to service providers? DIY cleaning? The use of harsh cleaning solutions? Putting up with cleaning companies who are extremely hard to deal with? It really takes a lot of effort to polish how you polish your floors, and you need to have the right partner specifically set for this task.

Efficient polishing solutions for your floors

Because we understand the uniqueness of floor surfaces, we take the time to provide the most careful and most sustainable cleaning and polishing methods for your floors. We believe that floor polishing should not only involve removing stains but also protection from excessive wear and tear or friction.

To do this, we use eco-friendly and effective products and tools to remove dust, stains, and dirt from floor surfaces before going ahead with more complex solutions like stripping, polishing, and sealing of floors.

Making floors look new again

Nothing looks and feels better than a freshly polished hard floor. Leave it to Crewcare to take care of your hard flooring and make it look new again. Polishing your floor protects it from the wear and tear that comes from lots of foot traffic, especially in commercial settings. Adding polish prevents staining as well.

We provide solutions exclusive to the unique needs of our clients. It could be as simple as buffing to as complex as floor stripping or sealing. Whatever your need, we pay attention to your demands and create tailor-made solutions suitable for you.

Our range of commercial floor polishing services include:

• Cleaning wooden flooring

Wooden floors are protected by coating that can get damaged over time. Frequent polishing and refinishing from time to time can help get rid of the scratch marks and scruff. Cleaning your wooden floors is something that Crewcare can do well with flying colours. We do our unique way of polishing and deliver only the finest results that will leave you satisfied. So, get in touch if you’re keen on making the wooden flooring on your business setting look good.

• Machine polishing of vinyl and polished concrete flooring

Our polishing method not only adds shine and gloss to various types of floors but also protects your surfaces from abrasion and friction from shoes. Our professional floor polishers have decades of experience in making sure your space is given the treatment it deserves, whether it’s a new floor or an old floor. We are always ready to get in touch and discuss every detail before we carry out any procedure.

Trained and highly recommended staff

We respect your spaces and provide only the utmost care to your floors. This means we understand the importance of using effective yet sustainable cleaning solutions to deal with floor stains, marks, and dullness. To carry this out, we constantly train our staff and follow the latest trends and technologies in floor polishing.

Our competent staff are constantly supervised and supported by people from the head office to make sure that our clients get the best results for their money. We don’t subcontract our projects to outsiders, because we believe that no one can get the job done like we do.

Our cleaning solutions are not only effective and gentle on your floors but also safe for the environment. We are committed to environmental cleaning. Some of our practices include the use of biodegradable products, judicious use of water, the use of microfibre cleaning techniques, and more.

Committed to safety, security, and reliability

Our team is composed of trusted professionals who are all security vetted aside from being well-trained to handle your floors. All Crewcare members undergo regular background checks and are certified safe to work inside your offices, schools, cafes, bars, or restaurants.

We do not leave any job unfinished; we show up on time as agreed and we get the job done. We wouldn’t want to disappoint you that’s why we’ve put punctuality on top of our priorities. We take our clients very seriously and go on great lengths to ensure they’re satisfied.

We also employ an efficient customer tracking and feedback system. Carenote, our bespoke system, allows us to track every job and respond to questions, requests, or customer feedback. This simple and effective communication system has made our services reliable, transparent, and effortless for many customers.

Anyone interested to add sparkle to their floors should get in touch with us for this specific service. If you don’t know where to start, click below to get a free quotation not just with our floor polishing service but also with the other commercial cleaning services we offer.