Carpet Cleaning for Your Commercial Setting

Protect and maintain your precious carpeting as part of your contract cleaning services.

Professional Carpet Cleaning: A Must for Business

Clean carpets last longer, and they can improve the environment of your workplace, school, restaurant, or any other commercial establishment. We can carry out all your carpet cleaning requirements on top of your regular commercial cleaning service.

Carpets are more than just a floor covering, they serve as filters for all the dirt and dust that is dragged into any room through foot traffic, trapping the unwanted particles. Aside from polishing your floors and vacuuming, it is important that you give your carpets some extra TLC by getting help from a specialised crew to clean them regularly.

Expect only the highest quality deep cleaning and spot cleaning from Crewcare every time. We use the best quality carpet cleaning machines, steam cleaners, and heavy-duty cleaning products when you call us to do the job for you.

How We Can Clean Your Commercial Carpets

Spillage cleanups

We take action on stubborn spots and carry out tough stain removal like no other.

Intense dirt cleaning

We get rid of dirt, dust, grime, and allergens with our unique cleaning formula and technologies.

Flood and water damage restoration

We’ll restore your carpet or full-sized area rug back to its original state before any flood damage, water damage, or overflow situation occurred.

Dry and steam cleaning

Our team will check your floor and recommend which type of carpet or upholstery cleaning would work best for you.

Keeping Your Carpets Thoroughly Clean

Your carpets do an extremely tough job. They get food and drink spilled over them or get mud and hay stuck in their fibres. They suffer from constant wear and tear because they’re usually located in incredibly high traffic areas.

Simply vacuuming the dirt isn’t enough. Unless you get them professionally cleaned, you won’t be able to penetrate deep down and keep the grubby and unpleasant particles at bay.

Healthy Carpets = Healthy Spaces

When germs and bacteria from dirty carpets make their way into the air, they can result in allergy attacks or respiratory issues for some, so nothing is more important than leaving your carpets completely clean.

We believe that healthy carpets could make you healthy, too, because you eliminate the health problems that come with exposure to unsanitary particles. It could also mean healthier staff members, healthier children, and office-based employees taking less sick days.

It's time to clean your carpets.

Our carpet cleaning service can be part of your ongoing contract every three, six, nine, or 12 months. However, we are also open to do one-off jobs depending on our team’s availability. So if you’re looking for the best carpet cleaner in NZ that can do the job on top of a regular commercial cleaning regimen, get in touch with us and we’ll be ready to answer your questions.

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