If you liken carpets to cars, you can consider steam cleaning as the equivalent of an annual maintenance servicing. By steam cleaning your carpets about once a year, you can keep them in good shape for a very long time. This helps you save a lot of money, as well as maintain your home or office’s aesthetics.

What Is Steam Cleaning?

As its name implies, steam cleaning is the process of cleaning an object or surface through the use of steam that is produced from pressurised hot water. In the case of carpets, the steaming hot vapour penetrates the fibres, which loosens and softens whatever dust, dirt, and any other particles that may be embedded within.

If you want to steam clean your carpets yourself, there are many reliable and reasonably affordable steam cleaners available in the market. However, if you want the best results, it’s best to leave things to the hands of a commercial cleaning company like Crewcare that offers carpet cleaning services.

The Benefits of Steam Cleaning

There are other ways of cleaning your carpets, including traditional washing, but steam cleaning offers plenty of advantages that include the following:

  • A steam cleaner only uses water, so you don’t have to use soaps or any other chemicals. As such, this method is safer, healthier, and friendlier to the environment.
  • The overall cost is lower because you don’t need to buy special cleaning solutions.
  • A steam cleaner provides more thorough results, thanks to the vapours that can get much deeper into the fibres of the carpets.
  • Some stains can be removed more easily using steam cleaners.
  • The high temperature of the steam can effectively kill a large number of species of bacteria and other harmful germs.

Simply put, steam cleaning your carpets can help your home or office become safer, more comfortable, and more hygienic.

How to Steam Clean Your Carpets

The entire process of steam cleaning is easy enough, but there are certain steps you can take to ensure that your carpets are not only clean but also stay undamaged.

Step 1: Clear Everything and Vacuum

If you have a large rug or wall-to-wall carpet, you will have a much quicker and easier time cleaning it when you don’t have to manoeuvre around obstacles. Remove everything sitting on top of the carpet, such as sofas, cabinet, and large potted plants. If possible, take rugs to an open, airy space.

Afterwards, vacuum the rug or carpet to get as much dust and dirt off from the pile. While steam cleaning can get rid of these debris, the task will take much longer. You may also put unnecessary strain on the steam cleaner’s motor.

Step 2: Prepare the Steam Cleaner

All steam cleaners work in the same way: simply fill it with water then wait for the machine to reach the temperature setting before use. That said, different brands may have slight differences with regard to the setup and operation so make sure to check the owner’s manual for instructions.

If your carpet or rug is heavily stained and it’s something that is not specifically indicated that could be removed by the steam cleaner, it’s best to pre-treat the stained area. Use a product that’s appropriate for the material of the carpet or rug to prevent damage.

Step 3: Work Section by Section

For maximum efficiency, divide your carpet into sections of about 1 square metre each. Start from the section from farthest corner, working slowly to prevent pulling and ruining the fibres. Once the first section is sufficiently clean, work on the next section outward so you don’t step on the finished parts.

Step 4: Let the Carpet Dry Naturally and Completely

After steam cleaning your rugs and carpets, make sure they are completely dry before putting them back and rearranging everything you’ve removed from earlier. Depending on the size, pile, and material of the rug or carpet, it may take anywhere from 6 to 24 hours to completely air dry them.

If you need to speed up the process, you can take smaller rugs outdoors; however, don’t leave them out in the sun for too long to prevent dulling the colours. If you’re drying indoors, you can open the windows or turn on the air conditioning to speed up the process.

More Carpet Steam Cleaning Tips

To maximise the results of your steam cleaning endeavours, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Before you start to actually steam clean your rugs and carpets, test a small, hidden area first. Some materials are not suitable for steam cleaning. When in doubt, ask a professional.
  • Do not steam clean your rugs and carpets more than once a year. Depending on how good your maintenance is, some rugs and carpets can last one to two years before they need to be steam cleaned again.

Also, it’s not advisable to walk on your rugs or carpets before they are completely dry. If you absolutely must, cover your shoes with shoe covers or plastic bags to soften the impact of your feet and to prevent dirt from getting onto the carpet.


As you can see, steam cleaning your carpets is pretty straightforward. The key is proper technique and thoroughness, as well as having a maintenance schedule to keep your rugs and carpets looking like new for years to come.