The school environment is, by nature, a messy one. It’s a busy place full of learning and exploring – which means it’s pretty untidy by the end of the day! Keeping educational facilities clean is a very important job. Although it helps keep students stay healthy and focused, it can also be time-consuming and needs to be done right.

Take a look at the main benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning team to take care of your school.

Create a better learning environment

A clean and tidy school is essential for the focus and productivity of the students. If they are surrounded by mess or don’t feel comfortable in their learning environment, they won’t be able to perform at their best.

Students are more motivated to do well when they have pride in their school. If their school is well presented and makes them feel at home, they are naturally in a more positive state of mind and will work harder.

An institution that places emphasis on school hygiene also tells students that the administration really cares about their comfort and health. Employing cleaners or contract cleaning services is an investment in everyone’s health and safety, including the staff. This makes a very good impression on students and parents alike.

Reduce illness

School children in clean classroom

Kids are compelled to touch everything they see!

Kids spend a lot of time in school, and bacteria and viruses are constantly present in that environment. When the flu or a stomach bug hits, it can spread pretty quickly through the school population if proper sanitisation is not in place.

According to John Hopkins Health, primary school-aged children get on average 6 to 8 head colds every school year. For high school students, it’s around 3 or 4. Children who have younger siblings in daycare will encounter more bugs and get sick more often.

If students are frequently unwell due to an unhealthy school environment, this has a very detrimental impact on their learning and academic results. If they are feeling unwell they will not be doing as well as they could, and absences and sick days put them behind in their work.

Commercial cleaning companies ensure that all areas of the building are clean and sanitised, to prevent the spread of germs and reduce the amount of sickness.

Extend the life of facilities and equipment

Running an educational facility – whether it’s an early childhood education centre or a secondary school – is an expensive endeavour, and big facility or equipment expenses can be difficult to manage. Dirty air conditioning vents or clogged drains are easily overlooked and can cost a lot of money later down the line. If certain things are not well looked after or maintained, you are looking at big bills to repair or replace damaged equipment.

Having a regular, professional educational cleaning service can help to keep on top of these things. If your cleaners come across something that they are not qualified to fix, they can alert you to it before it becomes a bigger and more expensive issue. This ultimately saves your school a lot of money.

Save staff time

School teachers and administrators have really busy jobs. And they’re super important – they’re helping educate and raise our young people! It shouldn’t be up to them to clean after a long day of teaching. They have assignments to mark and lessons to plan for, so their time is better spent on those tasks.

Maintenance teams have big responsibilities, too. They are maintaining the grounds, carrying out repairs, and making sure your school is in line with safety codes and compliance. Outsourcing school cleaners means that it is done thoroughly and efficiently with high standards, and it doesn’t take your staff away from any of their core work responsibilities.

A trusted and safe cleaning team

Why Hire Commercial Cleaners in Your School

We understand that security and trust are big considerations when hiring a commercial cleaning team. Crewcare provides reliable, safe, and effective school cleaning services to schools all around New Zealand.

Crewcare services are available for early childhood centres, preschools, primary schools, secondary, and tertiary schools. We can make sure that your educational environment is clean and tidy for the next big day of learning. Cleaning services include regular cleaning, floor polishing, deep carpet cleaning, and window cleaning, among others.

Our trained staff members are all thoroughly trained and security vetted, so you can be sure that your school is in safe hands. We also use a state-of-the-art system called Carenote. This is a real-time online tracking system that allows you to see the status of your cleaning, send us feedback about our work, or submit urgent requests for cleaning jobs. Carenote helps us to maintain an efficient and transparent service, and is an easy-to-use tool that you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

If you have a busy school to manage and want a reliable and professional company to take care of all of your cleaning needs – contact us today. We’re here to help!