If you own a business, then you know that reviews and customer feedback can greatly affect your reputation. This simply means that you need to leave a good impression—and you can’t do this if your establishment has dirty, poorly maintained toilets.

The best way to ensure the cleanliness of your bathrooms and toilets is to hire professional cleaners. They have the know-how and equipment to leave your facility not just sparklingly clean but germ-free as well. As a result, your customers are safe, healthy, and left with a satisfying overall experience of your business.

Of course, you shouldn’t leave everything to your commercial cleaners. There are a lot of things you can do to keep things clean and sanitised for regular maintenance. Here are some simple but helpful tips to get you started.

Don’t Mix Chemicals

When cleaning bathrooms and toilets, you’re likely going to use multiple kinds of cleaners. Don’t fall into the temptation of mixing them in the hopes of making them more effective. Combining chemicals may cause harsh reactions that can cause injury.

In addition, many cleaning chemicals and solutions are usually meant for one kind of material or surface only, such as marble or glass. This means that mixing chemicals can potentially cause irreversible damage.

All of these are to say that you should only use a chemical or cleaning solution for the material or surface that they’re intended. In addition, make sure to follow the usage instructions in the label so as to achieve the best results and to not waste any product.

Wear Appropriate PPE as Necessary

Before you or your janitorial staff starts cleaning the toilet, make sure that you have the proper personal protective equipment or PPE. This way, everyone is protected from exposure to cleaning chemicals and other substances that can cause injury or health problems.

The most basic PPE needed for cleaning toilets include gloves, goggles, and a mask to protect the hands, eyes, and nose. Hair covers are also a good idea. After use, make sure to dispose of these PPE properly to prevent contamination.

Pre-Clean Toilets and Urinals and Apply a Bowl Treatment

If you’re trying to clean toilets and urinals, it’s best to pre-clean them. Remove any debris first in and around them, and then flush. Any attachments, such as urinal strainers, should be put in a container with a disinfectant solution.

Then, you can start wiping off minor stains using a multi-purpose cleaner. Once this is done, you can start pre-treating the bowls urinals with your preferred cleaning solution. Let it stand for the recommended time, which can be anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes (read and follow the instructions). If the toilets and urinals haven’t been cleaned in a while, you should let the cleaner sit a little longer.

Do note that if you’re performing daily toilet maintenance, you may want to use a non-acidic bowl cleaner. That’s because there shouldn’t be any build-ups or stains in the bowls or urinals.

On the other hand, for stubborn mineral accumulation, rust, and other tough-to-remove stains, it’s better to use an acidic cleaner. Better yet, call your commercial cleaners and schedule a deep-cleaning session.

Clean and Disinfect High-Touch Areas

When cleaning the toilet, you’re likely going to focus on the floor, toilets, and urinals since these are usually the dirtiest, smelliest parts. However, you also need to clean and disinfect high-touch areas because these can harbour germs and be agents of infection.

Some of the areas you should focus on include door handles and knobs, faucet handles, and soap dispenser levers. Pay attention to the surfaces of paper towel dispensers as well, along with toilet paper dispensers (if you have the enclosed, lockable models).

You should also disinfect toilet flush handles or buttons, as well as toilet seats and lids. Finally, make sure to clean and disinfect countertops, mirrors, and diaper changing tables.

Clean Your Cleaning Equipment Properly

In order to ensure the cleanliness of toilets, you need to have the proper cleaning equipment. Some of the key items to invest in include microfibre cloths and mops, mop buckets, and squeegees. You should also purchase a dedicated broom and dustpan for the bathroom.

To ensure their effectiveness, make sure that you clean the equipment properly. For example, microfibre cloths and mop heads must be cleaned separately and must not be treated with softeners.

Meanwhile, mop heads must be washed and disinfected after use. If they’re used to clean up blood or other bodily fluids, it’s better to change them. Otherwise, replace them once they’re worn down.

Another key thing to remember about cleaning and disinfecting a toilet is to clean from the walls towards the exit door. This is the most efficient way of cleaning that also prevents contaminating the parts that you’ve already finished.

It seems a little tedious to conduct your own maintenance if you’ve already hired commercial cleaners. Nevertheless, it’s worth the effort to keep your establishment’s toilet clean through your own efforts. Remember: your reputation is at stake! Plus, you can’t call commercial cleaners on the hour to perform simple maintenance clean-ups. It’s simply inefficient and costly. More importantly, people’s health and safety are on the line.

So gather your equipment and start cleaning!