It’s Christmas party season! What it really means is extra cleaning season for your office cleaner. Whether your office takes the party elsewhere or keeps it in the building, there’s bound to be more mess than usual left behind. You may even need some specialised carpet cleaning or window cleaning to get the office back into shape. So if you need an extra clean just to pick up after a wild night with your co-workers, you might need to let your commercial cleaners know beforehand. If not, your cleaners would appreciate a little bit of effort on your part if you’re keen to provide them with a bit of a Christmas miracle.

Your commercial cleaners have been working hard all year behind the scenes so you can come into a sparkling clean office every morning. It may even go unnoticed because of the immaculate shape that they keep it in. One of Crewcare’s greatest advantages is the app Carenote. If you’re not utilising something like this already, you can use it after the big Christmas party to highlight any of the areas that your cleaners should give extra attention to. The Crewcare team can use this information to make sure that when you come back, any wine stains, chip crumbs or excess wrapping paper have been cleaned as if they ‘never happened’.

Maybe you just really want to give a hand yourself — your commercial cleaner would love that! One suggestion is to make sure that you put your recycling and rubbish in bags so the cleaner can disposed of it for you. At Crewcare we’re all about sustainability, so putting all of those glass bottles and cardboard boxes in the recycling bin will save us a lot of time. That means we can focus on any extra cleaning needed after the Christmas party. Make sure that anything that isn’t recyclable stays in a separate disposal. Especially materials like styrofoam or any food products, which don’t mix well with recyclable products. If you’re not sure about what’s good to go in the recycling bin itself, a lot of the time there are signs displaying what can go inside.

Finally, if you’re planning on having a wild night in the office, don’t forget to lock-up when the last person leaves. You don’t want anyone that’s not meant to be in the office lurking the hallways. That way your office cleaner has the assurance that won’t be accused of theft or vandalism if someone was to get in. Crewcare has security screening and training when on-boarding a new cleaner, so we know there are only trustworthy people in the building. As well as security there is plenty of health & safety training available for Crewcare’s cleaners, so you can be completely at ease. If there is an issue, you’ll be informed by our supervisors or Crewcare’s head office.

So as Christmas gets closer, please don’t forget about your cleaner who has been with you all year round. Crewcare is happy to give you that extra hand when cleaning up your office after the party. We’ll cover your vacuuming, dusting, wiping-down and anything else that needs to be done in the office. The conference room, bathrooms, kitchen, and reception can all be focused on. Just let Crewcare know what needs to be done and we can work to get it there.