This year, we’re celebrating Thank Your Cleaner Day on Wednesday, October 16th.

This is a special day to recognise all the hard work and dedication provided by cleaning service staff all over the country. It provides a great opportunity to express your gratitude to the underappreciated individuals who continuously work to keep your office buildings, schools, restaurants, and other commercial spaces neat and tidy all the time.

Be sure to take part in this initiative to demonstrate your appreciation to the people who work around the clock to make your spaces hygienic, healthy, and easy on the eyes. You might not notice them if they work during the after hours or on weekend shifts, so doing something out of the ordinary for your cleaning team would truly make them feel extra special.

Crewcare is right behind this celebration because we’ve witnessed first-hand how our crew puts in the effort to serve all of our clients every day. As our CEO David Serville said last year, “You often don’t notice good cleaning, but it’s important to notice the cleaners every now and again. Thank Your Cleaner Day helps start this conversation.”

What can I do to show my support for Thank Your Cleaner Day 2019?

There are a lot of ways to get involved on this special occasion. While not everyone would be able to afford to spend money to thank their cleaners, there are several simple ways to participate.

You can build your approach based on our previous recommendations such as leaving small gifts such as chocolates or flowers for your crew or even shout them all a freshly made flat white. You can also find examples from people who have participated in the initiative overseas. The possibilities are endless!

Ideas for Various Budget Points

Modest Budget

  • Smile and say ‘thanks’ when you bump into your cleaner to make them feel appreciated
  • Leave a simple card for your cleaning crew
  • Display a big thank you sign on a digital screen prominently seen in your commercial space
  • Print out a banner to thank them
  • Write a nice review for your cleaner online and share your thoughts about them
  • Moderate Budget

Moderate Budget

  • Buy them flowers, chocolates, or coffee
  • Treat them to a fast-food breakfast
  • Gift your cleaner with a movie or shopping voucher
  • Purchase an official gift box from the founders of the initiative for your cleaner
  • Gift them with a home cleaning or lawn mowing service voucher

Unlimited Budget

  • Send them to a trip to the spa or host a party for your cleaners
  • Hold an awards ceremony to formally recognise your cleaning crew
  • Surprise them with a vacation package — it doesn’t have to be extravagant

Free printables

If you want to keep it thoughtful yet simple, our team has crafted an awesome set of free downloadable resources that includes a poster and a thank you card you can easily print in your office or any other commercial establishment. We also have a downloadable version that would work well for kids in schools.

Download the poster

Thank Your Cleaner Day 2019 poster by CrewcareCrewcare Thank Your Cleaner Day PDF

Download the PDF card


Crewcare Thank Your Cleaner Day card instructions for kids

Download the colouring card for kids here

Crewcare Thank Your Cleaner Day card for kids final product

Crewcare colouring card

Social media

Share the love on social media by posting photos and videos during the day. Feel free to post them or submit them to us using the hashtag #ThankYourCleanerDay and #CrewcareNZ.

Got questions? Get in touch with us.