Commercial Cleaning Business for Sale

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Owning a Crewcare cleaning franchise is akin to being in a business partnership, with the promise of becoming your own boss under a trusted and recognized New Zealand brand. As a cleaning business franchisee, you’ll get the opportunity to run your business using our effective system which already includes training, marketing, and mentoring among others.

Cleaners have been around since the time things started to get dirty, and business owners have started to realise that it’s difficult to hire and retain dedicated employees who would perform cleaning tasks in what was a traditionally low paying industry.

NZ businesses are increasingly outsourcing their cleaning requirements to specialist cleaning companies like Crewcare, where they know they will get a consistently satisfying level of service without putting a hole in their pockets. This gives them the freedom to focus on other aspects of their business.


Crewcare understands that Kiwis want to run their businesses independently without feeling like they’re working for someone else.

Our team will help you achieve this while offering you several useful perks through our franchise opportunities. We have competent and experienced trainers who will teach you the ropes of this industry.

We have an amazing marketing system in place for those who decide to go on board, but you’ll also get so much more. As a Crewcare franchise owner, you are given absolute control on how to propel your business to success, but we’ll still be extending our 100% support whenever you need it.

Great benefits when you avail of a cleaning franchise for sale

Affordable Packages

You will have to spend some money initially when you start a cleaning business. A huge chunk of your budget will mostly be spent on licenses, permits, basic cleaning products or cleaning supplies, advertising, and a white vehicle. You can get your cleaning services up and running in no time, and probably even set it up for future growth.

Generate Income

When you get a Crewcare franchise, we will be setting your income opportunity which will be based on the franchise package amount and areas covered. This means that your income will also depend on how much work you do; it can even be more than what was agreed upon initially. Furthermore, you can grow the value of the franchise according to your requirements and the amount of effort you exert to make it more successful.

Instant Clients

We have relationships with countless business customers that we acquired from both digital and word of mouth over the years and we can assign you with these contracts depending on our agreed income guarantee among other factors. This way, you can fulfil your income and get the business going based on your preferences and circumstances. For instance, if you prefer to work in the evening, we can get you locations that only require after-hours cleaning jobs, and so on. We have cleaning business franchise owners who do it full-time and we have people who do it part-time, too.

Sustainable and Flexible Cleaning Business

We would very gladly tailor a franchise package that suits your needs perfectly as a small business owner. While we have comprehensive systems in place, we try not to work like robots, so we can meet and discuss the details of the business you’re interested in for as many times as you want and until as we come to terms in which both sides are completely satisfied.

Full Training Provided

We want every franchisee to become successful in running a cleaning business. We will provide you with full support from the moment you contact us up to the time when you’re already servicing businesses left and right. Our operations people will be showing you each step of the way, narrowing down on the expectations and the proven methodologies we’ve applied from our years of experience in the commercial cleaning franchise industry.

A Recognised Kiwi Brand

Crewcare formerly operated under the Crewcut Commercial Cleaning name. Crewcut is a trusted Kiwi brand with over 25 years of experience synonymous with franchise services. We take pride in consistency, dedication, and top-notch service for the industries we serve. We have thousands of happy customers all over the country who stay with us because of our team of dedicated people and the practices we consistently employ.

If you’re interested to join our growing crew, then contact us and we’ll set you up with one of our staff members to discuss the business in detail. Alternatively, you ask us about a cleaning business for sale in Auckland, Wellington, or the Waikato area.