There’s a reason why winter is called the “flu season.” With the cold, unmoving air, viruses and other infectious droplets linger for longer. The drop in temperature also makes it easier for germs to multiply at a faster rate.

Thus, if you want to avoid getting sick, you need to step up on your cleaning and sanitising. Here are some tips to make your home or office a safe, healthy haven during the winter:

Hire Cleaners

The single most effective way to ensure that your home or office premises are truly germ-free is to hire commercial cleaners. Not only do they have the expertise and experience to do the job more effectively, but they also have access to tools and equipment that delivers high-quality results.

Of course, you should still do your own part in the daily upkeep of your space. This includes tidying up, as well as properly segregating your trash. For the bigger and more intensive cleaning tasks, however, it’s a good idea to leave it to the professionals.

Clean Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans, you may not feel the need to use them during the winter because the air is already plenty cold. However, idle ceiling fans attract dust. In particular, the tops of the blades can accumulate a large amount of dirt within a couple of days.

While the mess is out of sight, it can still cause plenty of inconveniences. The dust may trigger allergic reactions or even harbour bacteria like Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.

For an easy way to clean your ceiling fan, use an old pillowcase or a similarly designed lightweight bag and cover the blade with it. Then, pull it back to sweep most of the dust off and into the bag. This prevents the particles from flying off in every direction.

There will be bits of dust left after doing this, however, so take your long-handled duster to get the fan blades really clean.

Keep Sanitising Wipes Handy

If you have to do quick cleanups, sanitising wipes are your best friend. You can use them for virtually anything: doorknobs, light switches, stair rails, faucet handles, remote controls, and more.

You should also take a couple of sanitising wipes and use them for your cell phone every so often. Not only do you use it for hours, but you also bring it with you practically everywhere—sometimes even the bathroom! In short, your phone likely has thousands of harmful microorganisms.

With sanitising wipes, you can keep your cell phone squeaky clean and germ-free. As a bonus, your phone will return to its clean, stylish appearance.

Shoes Should Stay Outside

One of the best ways to keep germs and dirt from getting into your home is to take off your shoes at the door. To make things more convenient, purchase a cheap boot scraper for cleaning the soles; alternatively, you can also get a rough-surfaced doormat for this purpose.

For comfort, add a bench or chair by the door, so people have somewhere to sit on while they take off their shoes. It’s also helpful to have a rack dedicated for wet shoes.


When you get rid of clutter, you also get rid of places where germs can breed. Try to minimise decorative accessories or at least be more conscientious about keeping them neat and clean. For small but necessary items that are often in disarray (e.g., remote controls), designate a storage space for them.

If you have indoor plants, make sure that you keep their leaves dust-free to prevent the indoor air from getting polluted. In addition, clean leaves also help plants photosynthesis so it’s definitely good for their health.

Another big source of clutter at home are paper bills and mail. Get in touch with your providers and convert everything to digital. Most of the time, you even have the option to enrol your account to purely email communications. Aside from reducing clutter, you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint!

Get an Air Purifier

When the weather is cold, people stay inside more. This means that the air circulating around a space may contain more germs. To avoid the spread of disease or triggering any allergies, invest in an air purifier. Get one with the best filtering capabilities for cleaner, fresher indoor air.

Stock Some Bleach

Last but certainly not least, stocking up on some bleach during the winter is a good idea. Bleach can be used to disinfect a lot of things inside the house, from countertops to bathroom floors. You can also take it to your trash bin to disinfect it and keep it from getting putrid.

Be sure to follow usage instructions when disinfecting with bleach, especially with regards to the amount and duration, to get the best results. In addition, don’t ever mix chemicals in an attempt to make them “more effective.” If bleach alone is enough for hospitals, which require higher, stricter standards of cleanliness, then it’s more than enough for your home or office.


Stay safe and healthy, not just this winter but all year round!