We’re all guilty of coming to work when we’re plagued with the flu or cold. It’s inbuilt in our Kiwi ‘she’ll be right mate’ attitude. However, we have 3 words for you; Don’t do it.

The culture around sick days and when you should use them is changing. It’s generally frowned upon to come in when you’re an infectious mess – yet still many of us do it.

According to an NSF research survey, 42 percent of workers said that they come in when they’re sick because of deadlines. 37 percent can’t afford to take time off while the other 37 percent answered that their boss expects them to come in.

When you come to work in those first few days of the cold and flu, you’re the most contagious. We might reach for the cold & flu tablets and syrups to solve our problems, however these only help with the symptoms, not with contagiousness. When you come to work sick, you’ll be around two-thirds less productive. You’ll also spread the germs around the office, meaning more people will get sick.

But even if that guy in marketing doesn’t sneeze anywhere near you, it could land on a surface and stay there. Keyboards, door handles, light switches and taps will also carry these cold viruses, spreading it further through the work place. This is why a good cleaning company is important. Especially during the cold seasons, your workplace needs all surfaces cleaned to a high standard and regularly. (hyperlink to the Crewcare home page).

Another solution? If you’re lucky, you might be able to do some work at home. Which means you’ll complete your tasks, not infect the masses and get better yourself. This approach is well versed in our company as we don’t think anyone should have to come to work when they’re not feeling 100%.

So when you next get a little nasty bug, keep it under wraps – at home.