If you want to start your own cleaning business, one of the first things you have to ask is: what kind of services do I want to offer? Of course, you can always go for variety. This way, you can appeal to a larger audience. 

That said, there are also plenty of benefits by going niche. For example, because of the COVID pandemic, deep cleaning services for facilities in which there have been confirmed positive cases have become more common and are in high demand. 

Offering niche cleaning services also helps establish your expertise. This creates a positive impact on your reputation, which in turn increases both client interest and trust. Depending on the type of services you offer, you may even charge premium prices (provided that you’re always able to deliver quality results, of course). 

What’s great is that even established commercial cleaning companies can also branch out to provide more specific services. Doing so can pave the way for more opportunities and further solidifying your presence in the industry. 

With all that being said, here are some ideas for niche cleaning services that may you may want to pursue no matter the size of your business: 

Disaster Cleaning 

Disasters like floods and fires, be they caused by nature or human error, can leave a lot of devastation—and a lot to clean up. If not attended to immediately and properly, the water and smoke can lead to further damage and even cause diseases. 

Often, disaster cleaning also involves restoration. For example, waterlogged carpets can still be saved if they haven’t been soaked for more than 48 hours and the floodwater is relatively clean. Meanwhile, soot from a fire can be removed from walls using proper gear and methods; this way, the property owner won’t have to spend extra for repainting. 

This type of cleaning is ideal if you live in disaster-prone areas, although you can offer it alongside other services. If you plan to offer disaster cleaning, make sure that you and your staff undergo training so you can provide quality results. 

Trauma and Post-Death Cleaning 

It may be a little morbid to even think about, but trauma and post-death cleaning are necessary services. Some of the situations that require them are non-fatal traumas (e.g., a miscarriage in which the patient experienced haemorrhage), unattended deaths, violent accidents, and homicides. 

These scenarios involve bodily fluids and tissue, which can cause contamination and pose serious health risks if not handled properly. With a trauma and post-death cleaning team, the facilities and surroundings will be cleaned and restored the proper way. 

Should you be interested in providing this type of cleaning service, you’re going to need extensive training and ample investment in equipment. You also have to coordinate with various agencies to receive proper certification and authorisation. 

Window Cleaning 

If you’re confident working at heights, you may want to explore window cleaning as a service. It’s an industry niche that’s always in demand and pays well; so, whether you cater specifically to this segment or include it in your existing offers, you can be sure of a steady influx of clients. 

In case window cleaning is an entirely new service for your company, start by servicing low-rise structures first. This can get you used to cleaning wide swaths of glass. At the same time, start training and earn your certification for working at heights. Once you get used to the job, you can begin working on taller buildings. 

Make sure to invest in quality PPE, particularly body harnesses, hard hats, and face protection. 

Carpet and Blind Cleaning 

There are various accessories in and around the home or workplace that require regular, special cleaning to keep them in good shape. A good example here are carpets and blinds. After a few months, or even just a couple of weeks depending on a variety of factors, these notorious dust magnets can look dull and even trigger health conditions like allergies. 

If you want to cater to a large market, carpet and blind cleaning is a good niche service to provide. What’s more, both commercial and residential clients are in need of it every so often. Thus, you can be sure that you will be earning well year round. 

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning 

When it comes to cleaning, most people tend to forget or de-prioritise ceilings and walls. However, these wide surfaces can accumulate pollutants like dust, oils, grease, and smoke. After a while, this can make a room look dull and even create an unhealthy environment. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of specialised equipment for ceiling and wall cleaning that you can use to provide this niche service to clients. What’s great about this is that cleaning ceilings and walls is actually more cost-effective than replacing or repainting them. This can be a great selling point when you’re marketing your services. 


Other niche cleaning services you may want to consider include: 

  • pool cleaning 

  • pressure washing 

  • chimney sweeping 

  • gutter cleaning 

  • dry cleaning 

  • gym cleaning 


Offering niche cleaning services may be intimidating at first, especially if you’re new to the business, because it comes with the expectation that you’ll be extremely good at what you offer. 

That said, going niche can actually be beneficial for smaller companies as the investment will be more focussed. As such, it also means If you think this is a viable business path for you, consider the above-mentioned examples.