Whether you’re a customer looking to hire professional office cleaners or a cleaning service provider yourself, one aspect you need to pay close attention to is time and attendance. This way, you can properly keep track of who’s working as well as whether the work has been done properly and on time.

The Need for a Time and Attendance System

Having a proper time and attendance system in office cleaning is crucial, primarily because of trust. As a customer, you’re allowing a stranger or a group of strangers into your workplace. This means that a lot of valuable equipment and other possessions will, in essence, be exposed to potential risk. As a service provider, you don’t want to violate that trust for a lot of different business-related reasons.

With a time and attendance system in place, both parties are able to guarantee the security and safety of everyone and everything involved. Customers can rest easy knowing that their office is in good hands, while cleaners can optimise their routines and deliver more high-quality work.

Benefits of a Time and Attendance System

The benefits of a time and attendance system are undeniable, especially if you’re trying to run a tight ship. Indeed, it’s more than just a tool for keeping track of who worked how many hours. It can also help cleaning service providers do the following:

1. Reduce the amount of paperwork.

In particular, a mobile-compatible and cloud-hosted time and attendance system can replace old-fashioned time-keeping methods. This reduces the company’s carbon footprint and also makes documentation a lot easier. Timesheets are also more accurate, down to the last millisecond.

2. Increase efficiency.

In relation to the reduction of paperwork, using time and attendance software can increase a cleaning company’s efficiency in collecting and processing data. This can then affect other aspects of business operations, including report generation and payroll management.

3. Increase security and safety.

As previously mentioned, the primary reason to use a time and attendance system is for a cleaning company to ensure their customer’s security and safety. In case of theft or property damage, for example, gathering information is simpler because there’s easily accessible data.

4.  Simplify task management.

Some time and attendance systems also come with built-in task managers. Through this type of tool, it’s easier to assign jobs and provide detailed instructions. If there are any changes, authorised personnel can easily update the log through their computer or smartphone.

Things to Look For in a Time and Attendance System

For customers, it’s important to look for a cleaning company that has a reliable time and attendance system. Again, it’s for your own good and peace of mind. In addition, a cleaning company that uses such a tool is likely invested not just in the quality of their work but also about the welfare of their employees.

For cleaning business owners, on the other hand, there are certain features that you should look for in a time and attendance system. Here are some of the most important ones:

1. Cloud and mobile access.

Cleaning jobs can take your staff anywhere across the country. It’s best to have dedicated time and attendance software that’s easy to access no matter where they may be.

2. Hassle-free installation.

As much as possible, your time and attendance system shouldn’t be complicated to implement. If you can find something that’s purely web-based, with a mobile-friendly version, go for it. (Of course, it should have other features you need.) A mobile app—whether stand-alone or tied to a web app—may also be ideal.

3. Good customer support.

Whether or not your chosen time and attendance system is pretty straightforward or a bit more advanced, you still need reliable customer support for it. This way, if something goes wrong, it can be fixed. Remember: technology is amazing but it’s not 100% infallible. If a data file gets corrupted, there should be someone who’s able to help you retrieve it.

4. Schedule viewing and planning.

For better operational efficiency, a time and attendance management system should have a way for employees to check upcoming jobs. This can prevent overlaps, as well as over-scheduling. Also, a great feature to have is the capability for integration. For example, if someone needs to go a little farther out for a job, the system can plug in routes and estimated time of arrival using navigation apps.

Schedule viewing is also useful for when employees are taking their time off, so you don’t accidentally assign them a job.

5. Schedule review and approval.

For those working with a big team of cleaners, schedule review and approval can come in handy. These functions are especially useful if there are any sudden shift changes (e.g., someone had to cover for a sick colleague).


Ultimately, time and attendance in office cleaning is an essential part of the process. It’s a tool for effective time management, resulting in business efficiency. Moreover, it’s a sign that a cleaning company is committed to delivering top-notch work every single time.