Spring is coming to an end, but we think there might be some things you forgot about this cleaning season! Summer is all about relaxing and enjoying great weather, but it’s also a great time to take care of certain cleaning tasks around the home and/or office.

In this update, we fill you in on the jobs that get forgotten about most often during spring cleaning. So add these ones to your to-do list for summer cleaning!

Behind appliances

It’s no one’s favourite cleaning task – but we all know how much dust and muck can build up behind large appliances! To keep on top of it, an annual deep clean of these areas is a very good idea. It’s also important to check for any mould and mildew building up on the walls, or for any leaky pipes or connections.

So get the fridge, oven, and dishwasher out from the wall (always have people to help you move heavy things!) and have at it! A good dusting, a pass with a vacuum cleaner, and mopping will have everything looking good as new in no time. And you can rest easy knowing there’s nothing scary lurking behind anything!


You use your mattress every day, but when is the last time you cleaned it? And, how do you clean a mattress?! After you’ve removed your bedding, you can vacuum the surface to bring out the dust. Some vacuums will have a special, smaller brush head for cleaning furniture and upholstery, which is perfect for mattresses. Once it’s all vacuumed, you can work on any stains with a spot cleaner and leave it to dry. It’s also good to flip or rotate your mattress so that it doesn’t get worn down unevenly on one side.

Top 5 Things You May Have Forgotten to Clean in Spring That You Need to Clean This Summer


The microwave is another one of those cleaning tasks that are often forgotten about. Whether you use it every day or only occasionally, odours and food spills can build up and become problematic. It’s easy to ignore because the door is closed and you can’t see or smell it – but it makes for a pretty nasty surprise the next time you open it!

Top 5 Things You May Have Forgotten to Clean in Spring That You Need to Clean This Summer

Remove the plate from the microwave and give it a good soak using warm water and a cleaning solution or a dedicated glass cleaner. Spray and wipe the inside of the microwave with a natural cleaning agent or some dishwashing liquid on a microfiber cloth. Get into all the corners and also give the door and the buttons a good wipe. Leave it to air dry completely before putting it all back together and closing it up.

Microwaves tend to get used less often in the summer, so it’s the best time of year to take it apart for a good clean. Then it is all ready to be used more regularly again come the colder months.

Heat pump filters

You should check and clean your heat pump/air conditioning filters every few months, but the beginning of summer is an ideal time. Heat pumps get a workout over the colder months, and then we switch them to air-con mode for another workout during the warmer weather! In between these times, it’s essential that they get a good clean. This prevents malfunctioning and the build-up of dust and moulds in the unit.

During the winter weather, your clothes dryer has no doubt also been getting a lot of use. Summer or warm weather is a good time to give the filters and vents a thorough wash and clean to make sure they are all clear again. This keeps the dryer working well and reduces the risk of overheating and fires.

Drains and rubbish bins

Kitchen sinks and rubbish areas can get smelly at the best of times, but in the heat of summer, the odour (and the flies!) can get overwhelming. Before the hot weather kicks in, it’s a good idea to completely empty and then wash rubbish and recycling bins. This ensures there’s nothing lingering inside that could grow mould or cause bad smells.

The drain in the kitchen sink could also have old food scraps lurking in it, especially if you have a food waste disposer built-in.  Remove the drain cover and pour some boiling water down it. You can get special drain cleaners or you could use a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar (half a cup of each).

Top 5 Things You May Have Forgotten to Clean in Spring That You Need to Clean This Summer

Once you’ve let the mixture work it’s magic for about ten minutes, flush it with some more boiling water and you’re good to go. You can also put lemon wedges through food waste disposers to keep on top of any odours.

For your commercial cleaning needs in summer

The summer cleaning tips above can be applied to home cleaning for the most part. Meanwhile, Crewcare can help with all commercial heavy-duty cleaning needs, whether it’s a one-off cleaning job or regularly scheduled cleaning for your stainless steel commercial kitchen counters, for clean windows in offices, or any other similar requirement. We can even help with some of the bigger tasks like floor polishing and carpet cleaning. Check out our services online or call us today to find out more.