Cleanliness is necessary for health and safety, particularly in the office. As such, it’s a good idea for companies to hire a professional cleaning company to ensure that every nook and cranny is free from dirt and grime.

However, there are times when commercial cleaners don’t get the job done right. This can result in various hazards, not to mention wasted money. Here are a few signs that your cleaners are cutting corners.

There are areas that are still dirty

When you hire professional cleaners, you expect them to leave the entire place spotless. This means that the waste bins should be empty and lined, the pantry and the kitchen is organised, and every surface is sparkling clean. There literally shouldn’t be any dust swept under the rug.

If there are any areas in your office that are left dirty, then your commercial cleaners aren’t doing a good enough job. Get in touch with your chosen cleaning company as soon as possible and take note of the problems. If you can, provide photos to serve as proof.

Ask the management or the contact person assigned to your account why the problems are occurring. Sometimes, it can simply be a case of scheduling more frequent cleaning or needing a more thorough cleaning service. At times, however, the staff truly doesn’t fulfil their jobs so you may need to request a new team or hire a new company completely.

They finish the job too quickly

Usually, finishing a job early or quickly means that the person or team is efficient. However, the same cannot be said for cleaning. Indeed, if the job is done properly, cleaning will take quite a lot of time. This is especially true if you have a large property and/or if you’ve requested a deep cleaning.

Take note of the time when the crew starts cleaning and the time they finish. If it’s too quick, they probably rushed through it and didn’t achieve the standards you’ve set. Obviously, time spent at work isn’t indicative of quality of work so you should still inspect the area just to make sure.

There’s some residue of cleaning products on surfaces and floors

There are times when something does look clean. However, don’t leave things as is. As mentioned, it’s a good idea to inspect everything.

Some cursory checks you can do include swiping your finger on a surface, such as a table. It literally should be squeaky clean, and not feel greasy or tacky. Cleaning products usually leave an oily or filmy residue if not wiped off properly, and this residue will cling to your finger.

Meanwhile, water that’s left to dry on its own can leave marks or streaks. Usually, these have white edges that can look or feel a little crusty. If you see these marks, it could be an indication that the surface was washed and rinsed, but not dried off correctly.

They don’t have the right tools for the job

The cleaning crew should arrive at your site fully prepared to tackle the job, with complete equipment based on the contract you signed. If you requested for cleaning with disinfection, then the company should provide the corresponding tools and supplies. If not, then you can expect that they won’t be able to do a good job.

They don’t follow the cleaning schedule

A good cleaning company should have a proper cleaning schedule. Ideally, they should follow what is covered in the scope specified in your contract. These schedules should be tailor-fit to your specific requirements. Not having a schedule can result in a disorganised service. The crew is also more likely to miss certain details if they don’t follow an “itinerary,” so to speak. Check if the cleaners have a clear-cut schedule to ensure that they’re following what’s stipulated in your cleaning contract.

They don’t make follow up calls

Cleaning companies worth their salt will call their clients to ensure if you were satisfied with the service that you received. This is simply part of good customer service. If they don’t follow up regularly, it’s an indicator that they aren’t as committed.

Calling customers is also a way to know if you’ve had any issues so that these can be addressed in the future. This means that the cleaning company is dedicated to improving their services, which is definitely a good sign. Be wary of cleaners who don’t make any follow-ups.

They misplace or damage items

When you hire professional cleaners, you don’t just expect them to do a good job when cleaning. You also expect them to take care of important office equipment and the property itself. If there are any missing or damaged items after the service, then the cleaners didn’t do a good job.

Some customers may let a single incident of theft or property damage, especially if the case is minor. However, if these keep on happening, then something must be done. Don’t hesitate to report it to the company; you may also want to consider switching providers.

In conclusion

Cleaning is a job that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Commercial cleaners should be held to a high standard because the health and safety of your family or personnel are literally on the line. Keep this list in mind and take action if you notice any or all of these signs happening with your chosen cleaning crew.