A clean workplace is a healthy, productive workplace. That’s why you should endeavour to keep things as organised and hygienic as possible.

Of course, maintaining cleanliness takes some work; what’s more, it also costs money. If you want to reduce cleaning costs in the office, here are some tips to keep the prices low without compromising the quality of the output:

Reduce Clutter

Sometimes, a clean office can look unclean and disorganised due to all the clutter. Even just one messy desk can make even the most immaculate office seem chaotic. To avoid this problem, encourage your employees to keep their workspaces organised. Provide basic accessories such as file trays and folders to help keep things orderly.

With less clutter, there are fewer things to clean because there are fewer things that will get dusty and misplaced. Moreover and more importantly, it will cut down cleaning time.

Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

It might seem counterintuitive but hiring a commercial cleaning company is actually more cost-efficient. This is because they have the right equipment as well as the experience and training to perform various cleaning tasks quickly and effectively.

This is particularly true for bigger or more detailed tasks, such as deep-cleaning carpets and upholstery, removing scuffs and stains from walls, washing windows, and scrubbing the restroom. While some of your employees may be exceptionally good at organisation and tidying up, their time is better spent handling their job responsibilities. Leave the cleaning to the cleaning professionals!

Foster a Culture of Cleaning Up

At the end of the day, the ultimate responsibility of keeping things clean in the office falls upon those who use them. If things are back to a state of disarray after just a day or two, then the money you pay for commercial cleaning services will be put to waste; it can also affect everyone’s productivity, health, and overall wellness.

Thus, employee involvement is an important part of keeping cleaning costs low. Fostering a culture of cleaning up by emphasising that everyone has a stake in a clean workplace. Everyone benefits! The time and cost savings that result from a culture of cleaning up are merely a bonus (albeit a good one).

Use Central Bins

When it comes to waste management, it’s more efficient and economical to provide a central bin or two rather than place one at every desk. Not only will you cut down the time needed to empty bins at the end of the day, but also lower the cost of acquisition. Besides, it can be a form of exercise for employees to walk a short distance to the wastebasket.

Switch to Green and Multi-Purpose Cleaning Products

There was a time when green cleaning products were more expensive, due to lower demand. However, over the years, consumers became more eco-conscious and started looking for more environmentally friendly products. Thus, all-natural cleaners not only became more popular but also more accessible.

As such, it may be a good idea for your company to switch to green cleaning products. They’re often as effective and also as versatile as traditional cleaners. Of course, you may still need to purchase separate items for specialised cleaning needs (e.g., genuine hardwood, marble) but overall, an all-in-one green cleaning product may already be sufficient for your needs. Buying these products in bulk is also a good idea for even more savings.

Using eco-friendly products can also be much safer with regard to your employees’ health since many of the ingredients are hypoallergenic. What’s more, you can get brownie points for your company by turning green. This can result in an uptick in your reputation and the potential to attract more clients.

Invest on Technology

It’s no secret that technology has made modern life more comfortable. When it comes to cleaning, for example, there are now robot vacuums that can do the sweeping for you. There are also air conditioning units with built-in heavy-duty filters that don’t get clogged as quickly (which means you don’t have to clean as often).

Getting these cleaning appliances can help you drive down the cost of cleaning. They might cost a bit of money at the outset, but the efficiency alone can help you recoup the investment faster. What’s more, the convenience that these high-tech cleaning tools provide is definitely priceless.

Get Reusable Products

Microfibre cleaning cloths are a great investment for any workplace. They can be used as-is for dusting and wiping up messes, or you can dampen them with water or a cleaning solution for more stubborn stains.

What’s more, microfibre cloths can be used multiple times before they need to be washed. Even better is that with proper care, they can last for years! Of course, remember to buy colour-coded microfibre cloths to prevent cross-contamination.

In Conclusion

Cleaning can be quite a chore—literally and figuratively. It can also be wasteful if you’re not smart about it. Hopefully, these simple tips can help you make the task more time- and cost-efficient for the good of everyone in the workplace.