If you have a commercial cleaning business, you need to allocate certain amounts of resources for a variety of crucial matters. First and foremost, you need to invest in the right cleaning products and equipment so that you can do your job in the most efficient way possible. There’s also work-related training to think about in order to continuously improve your skills.

In addition, you need to consider technological solutions like janitorial management software, messaging apps, and more. These can help you keep up with schedules, employee work loads (if you have employees), and customer concerns.

Apart from the above-mentioned, you should also think about your approach to recycling. This is an important aspect of your commercial cleaning business, not only for compliance purposes but also for building a positive reputation.

Keep in mind that modern consumers no longer buy just products and services now; they also buy into a company’s ideals and beliefs—like sustainability and protecting the environment. In short, if you want your cleaning business to succeed, there should be enough of a focus on your recycling efforts.

Below, we discuss some of the key roles of recycling in commercial cleaning and its overall importance to the industry as a whole.

Improves Work and Cost Efficiency

One of the biggest impacts of recycling to a commercial cleaning business is efficiency. If you have a recycling programme, you can handle tasks such as segregation and processing with ease.

The latter is particularly important, as the failure to prepare a recyclable will most probably make it unfit for recycling. The result? An item that’s supposed to be fit for recycling will be sent to a landfill, which costs more per tonne. Do note that proper recycling isn’t that much cheaper—at least for now. However, the costs will definitely go lower if it’s more widely practised.

Being more efficient at this component of cleaning allows you to focus on other responsibilities, whether these are directly related to cleaning or more clerical in nature. Ultimately, this gives cleaning services more value for customers.

Models the Correct Behaviour

The more people who recycle, the better it is for the environment. However, not everyone knows how to recycle correctly. As previously mentioned, it’s important to prepare recyclables so that they will be accepted by recycling facilities. If this step is skipped or done incorrectly, the materials will be sent to a landfill instead.

As a commercial cleaning business, you can help increase the number of people who recycle the right way by modelling the correct behaviour. This contributes to the success of recycling initiatives of your clients, particularly in terms of participation. While it’s hard to quantify the actual contribution this makes towards saving and preserving the planet, it can’t be denied that getting more people to recycle is a step in the right direction. If anything, you can think of proper recycling as your cleaning company’s way to restore and reinforce trust in recycling.

Prevents Contamination

While many people understand the concept of recycling, not everyone knows how to do it correctly. There may even be professional cleaners who may not be as well-versed in the process. As a refresher, here are the basic steps for recycling:

  1. Segregate your recyclables.
  2. Clean what needs to be cleaned. These include pizza boxes and similar containers with food scraps on them, plastic beverage bottles, unbroken glass containers, and aluminium foil.
  3. Prepare the recyclables for pick up or bring them to a recycling centre.

The second step is important not just to prevent the contamination of other recyclables, but also of the client’s premises and/or surrounding areas. Remember: even small traces of rotting food can attract a variety of pests and encourage the growth of mould. When you practise proper recycling, you can improve the health and cleanliness of a neighbourhood.

Adds Value to Your Services

Last but certainly not least, committing to proper recycling adds more value to your services as a commercial cleaning business. It shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile for your customers, which is always a plus. In addition, proper recycling underscores your commitment to ideals like sustainability and protecting the environment.

When you combine these factors, it can result in an improved reputation that can then snowball into a variety of positives. These include things like increased customer trust and a potential to attract even more clients.


As a commercial cleaning business owner, it’s natural to focus on how to deliver on your promises. That is, to leave a client’s property as clean and hygienic as possible. That said, you shouldn’t stop at this; in fact, your goal is to always deliver above and beyond. This allows you to stand out from your competitors.

By developing a robust recycling programme and following the best processes, you can provide more than just cleaning services. You’re also showing your customers that you’re committed to a worthwhile ideal, all while complying with labour safety regulations.