Regular office cleaning is a key part of maintaining a healthy workspace. It keeps the place pleasant for staff and visitors, as well as reducing the risk of spreading illness. Whether you have a restaurant, office, or any other workspace – it’s a big job to keep on top of all the mess! But how often should you clean, and could you benefit from a professional cleaning service?

The frequency or regularity of your office cleaning should depend on a few things:


How many people work in your business each day, including visitors, clients and other people who might be coming and going. If you have a small business with only a few staff, you could get away with a once a week clean. Bathrooms and any kitchen or food preparation areas should be cleaned at the end of each workday, even if you only have a few staff members.

A medium-sized office with 20 or so staff might need two or three cleans a week. Large businesses with a lot of staff will need to clean every day or even more than once a day, especially in the toilet and kitchen areas.

Type of business

A restaurant or school needs to be cleaned daily for health and safety reasons, but a small office with only a few people in it can be cleaned less often. A more industrial business that doesn’t have a lot of staff or visitors may not need daily cleaning in the workspaces, but any public spaces like reception areas or bathrooms will need to be well kept.

Resourcing or budget

If you have the resources to dedicate part-time or full-time staff to cleaning, then you will be able to utilise them as often as you like. You might have janitorial or custodial staff who can work on a roster basis to cover all of the necessary tasks involving cleaning. Otherwise, you might consider professional cleaners as often as your budget allows.

Whether you have your own cleaning staff or are hiring commercial cleaners, a regular office or building clean should cover all main staff and client areas. Let’s take a look at these in more detail:

· Bathrooms

Bathrooms should be cleaned each day to prevent the spread of illness and ensure they remain pleasant to use. A professional cleaning service like Crewcare will clean toilets and sinks, sanitise surfaces and door handles, restock toilet paper and paper towels, and clear away rubbish. The floors will also be swept and mopped.

· Reception or lobby

This is the area that sets the first impression for your business, so it needs to be clean and in good shape. It will need a dust and vacuum every few days and any rubbish will need to be removed. Even the little touches like making sure magazines and books are straightened up can make a big difference!

· Kitchens and break rooms

Any food preparation areas need to be properly cleaned to prevent the spread of germs. Benchtops, sinks, taps, microwaves, and cupboard handles can all harbour and spread harmful foodborne bacteria. These should be sanitised at the end of each day to stop illness being spread among staff. An office with a bigger number of employees may need to contract cleaner to clean these areas more than once a day, to keep on top of any messes and spills.  

· Floors

Carpets gather a lot of dust, debris, and food crumbs. Especially in high traffic areas such as communal spaces, entranceways and staff rooms. They can get especially messy during the wet and muddy winter months. Carpets should be vacuumed daily in busy offices, and every few days in offices that are not too busy.

Hardwood or linoleum flooring should be swept and mopped to keep it free of dirt. It’s also a health and safety concern if spills aren’t cleaned up, as they can cause slips and falls.

· Windows

Windows don’t need to be washed every week, but regular cleaning is important. This helps to keep your building looking presentable, and extends the longevity of the windows and joinery. Through the rainy winter months, it isn’t necessary to wash windows, in fact, in bad weather, it can be very dangerous. A good clean at the beginning and/or end of summer is a good rule of thumb, depending on how dusty or pollen-prone your particular environment is.

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional cleaning service, get in touch with Crewcare today. Our cleaners are all highly trained and security vetted, and ready to provide a stellar service to your business. We can take care of all general cleaning needs including bathrooms, kitchens, and floor cleaning. We use certified eco-friendly cleaning products, meaning that our services are healthy for your staff and the environment. We can also provide window cleaning services, or one-off cleans to help you get things under control.