When your employees need to miss work frequently due to sickness caused by dust, mould, germs, bacteria, and other nasties that could be hiding in a neglected office, it hurts your productivity. Having your office cleaned regularly by a professional commercial cleaning service helps promote healthier, happier, and more productive employees. But how good is your current cleaning service? Have you noticed gaps? Are your workers still getting sick? Evaluating your cleaning service from time to time is a good practice to maintain. It keeps you from paying for a service that isn’t getting the job done and gives you peace of mind that you are doing the best you can for your workers. Here are some tips for evaluating your commercial cleaning service.

  • Check the Restrooms

The one complaint that is reported the most by office managers is that restrooms are not maintained properly by cleaning crews. Clean restrooms are essential for slowing the spread of germs and bacteria. They should be stocked with fresh hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and other items. The restroom should not smell like a restroom – you want it to smell fresh. A restroom that is not cleaned enough and lacks essential supplies can spread illness around the office. It can also harm your reputation in the eyes of any customers who come to visit your office (along with making them sick as well). If you find that your office cleaning service is not taking care of the restrooms, it may be time to look elsewhere.

  • Watch for Dust

Dusting is one of the most fundamental features of any cleaning service. It is also one of the most dangerous if neglected. Too much dust can cause, trigger, or worsen respiratory illnesses, allergies, and even asthma. It also screams unprofessional. Make sure to check window sills, cabinets, and shelving for even thin layers of dust that shouldn’t be there. If your cleaning service can’t even keep up this most basic of services, you should definitely reconsider paying for future cleanings.

  • Inspect Carpets

Carpets are nice when you first install them, but they can become soiled after just a few days of steady foot traffic. Carpets undergo a lot of stress – dirt that is tracked in from outside, dampness from wet shoes and objects, and spills from coffee and food. Dirt that is tracked into the office could contain parasites that are dangerous to your workers’ health. Damp carpets can carry bacteria. If dirt, dampness, and spills are not cleaned right away, they will set in and become permanent stains, giving the carpet a dirty, dingy look. Inspect your carpets for any dark spots that may have been there for a while or strange smells. This will tell you whether your cleaning service is carrying out carpet cleaning or not.

  • Make Sure Trash Cans and Wastebaskets Are Emptied

Trash that piles up attracts pests like rodents and cockroaches. Roaches are known to trigger and worsen respiratory conditions. Trash can also breed harmful germs and bacteria which can make everyone sick, especially if it’s in the office eating area. Plus, trash makes the office smell bad, making employees and customers alike hold their breath in disgust. Taking out trash is a basic task that all cleaning services should include. If you come into the office to find even one wastebasket overflowing with trash, your cleaning service is not doing its job.

  • Evaluate Customer Service

If you do find your cleaning service is lacking in one of the above areas, don’t immediately drop them. You should test them in one more area: customer service. Bring your concerns to them and measure the response you receive. They should listen to you with a friendly ear and provide you with answers quickly and courteously. The problem area should be taken care of right away. If you continue to see neglected restrooms, dusty cabinets and shelves, dirty carpets, and overflowing trash cans, the company is clearly not taking your concerns seriously. In this case, you should take your business elsewhere, rather than continue to pay for subpar service.

Go With a Cleaning Service That Will Provide a Thorough Cleaning and Accommodate Your Needs

There are certain areas of your office that can cause health problems if they are left neglected. These include restrooms, dust-prone areas, carpets, and trash cans and wastebaskets. If your cleaning service is not taking care of these areas properly and cannot provide adequate customer service, look for a commercial cleaner who will.

Crewcare can serve all of your commercial cleaning needs. Our Carenote system, an online tracking system, allows you to monitor results, ask questions, and provide feedback. If there is something we have missed, you can easily contact us to let us know. This is a very rare occurrence, since we have a system in place that utilizes a devoted staff, frequent communication, consistency, and environmentally-friendly policies. Contact Crewcare today for a free quote on your office cleaning needs.