Over the years, people have been more conscious about the effects of their actions on Mother Nature. This is why the environmental movement has been gaining ground across industries and around the world in order to address issues such as global warming and climate change.

One of the biggest participants in this global initiative is the cleaning industry. In particular, there has been a shift from the usage of cleaning products that contain effective yet harmful chemicals to more eco-friendly versions.

What’s great about green cleaning is that it’s beneficial not only to the environment, but also to human health. This makes it a viable business decision, especially with the growing awareness among modern consumers about environmental concerns.

It’s therefore unsurprising that more and more commercial cleaning companies are choosing to make the switch to green cleaning. If you haven’t yet, here are some ways you can support and promote it in your organisation:

Develop a Green Cleaning Programme

It’s difficult to fully commit to green cleaning if you don’t have a plan for it. This is especially true if you’re only just starting to make changes. By developing a green cleaning programme, your implementation will be a lot easier and much smoother.

One of the first things you need to do is to define your goals and then assign managers to oversee the accomplishment of those goals. Make sure to be realistic—it’s impossible to complete a transition overnight, no matter how dedicated you are.

When it comes to managers, consider two factors: their leadership skills and their willingness to learn about the latest trends. It’s not enough to implement the changes in your green cleaning programme; you should also be able to adapt and continuously improve on your policies.

Switch to Eco-Friendly Products

One of the first and easiest things you can do to support green cleaning and become an advocate is to replace your cleaning products with eco-friendly counterparts. Check the labels and see if they contain the following words or terminologies:

  • non-toxic
  • phosphate-free
  • natural fragrances (or fragrance-free)
  • no artificial dyes
  • pH neutral
  • hypoallergenic

Do note that a label that says “natural” doesn’t automatically mean that it’s safe and eco-friendly. In fact, plenty of natural ingredients can also be harmful. When in doubt, look for products that have been certified by the EPA.

Other details that might clue you in on the eco-friendliness of a product is its flammability; the less flammable it is, the better. Products that are formulated for use in cold water are also more energy-efficient because there’s no need to heat up water.

Using eco-friendly ingredients isn’t the only criteria for eco-friendly products, however. Take a look at their manufacturing processes as well. Do they use recyclable containers? Do they use pump bottles instead of aerosol cans? Is the company using sustainable practices?

You should also start using more eco-friendly equipment. For example, you should do away with disposal mop heads and purchase washable ones instead. There are also plenty of energy-efficient cleaning appliances, including vacuums and floor polishers.

Conduct Skills and Knowledge Training

In order to fully support something, you must also understand it. As such, it’s a good idea to conduct skills and knowledge training about green cleaning for your entire staff. This way, they’ll be more engaged in such a campaign. Ultimately, this will produce better results.

Using new products and equipment also requires training. While many of them work similarly, there are also some differences that might spell the difference between good and bad results.

Continuously Evaluate Your Green Initiatives

While technology has caused drastic changes to the environment, technology is also a valuable asset in responding to climate change and its effects. Thanks to continuous research, experts are always coming up with new information that can be used to further the global efforts of saving the environment.

This means, however, that your green cleaning efforts will never be a one-and-done deal. There will always be new developments and your current plans may not always match best practices. Thus, you should always be prepared to make changes based on new knowledge. Evaluate your status quo and see if there’s anything that can be optimised.

It’s also a good idea to always check in with your customers. Ask them what they like about your green cleaning efforts and what else you can improve. Then, use the latest trends as a basis and see how you can continue meeting and exceeding expectations.


What you have to remember is that green cleaning is a trend that’s well on its way to be the standard. At the very least, it’s not going to disappear any time soon. It’s best to check your current plans and support green cleaning initiatives if you haven’t yet; it’s a wise decision if you want your commercial cleaning business to enjoy stability and continuous growth.