Climate change, pollution, and the depletion of the ozone layer are just three of the many environmental concerns that plague the modern world. Not only do these matters negatively affect the health of millions of people each year, they also worsen living conditions.

Luckily, technology has made it easier to promote awareness. More and more people are becoming more environmentally conscious, making efforts to change their shopping and consumption habits.

Businesses are also shifting towards more sustainable practices, from responsible sourcing to zero-waste manufacturing. In the corporate world, being more sustainable also means choosing environment-friendly office cleaning solutions. As its name implies, these cleaning solutions use eco-friendly chemicals, equipment, and processes.

What’s great about environmental cleaning solutions is that they’re not only good for Mother Nature. They’re also extremely good for business. Here are just a few reasons why:

Improved Air Quality (and Thus, Improved Health)

Traditional cleaning products like all-purpose cleaners and degreasers usually contain harmful chemicals. What’s worse is that they also emit volatile organic compounds of VOCs. These substances can pollute indoor air, reducing air quality and increasing the risk of developing or exacerbating respiratory diseases. VOCs are also known to contaminate ground water.

Green cleaning products, on the other hand, use natural ingredients that emit little to no amounts of harmful chemicals. Thus, they don’t pollute the air and therefore minimise the risk of harming the health of those who come and go into your workplace.

Improved Work Atmosphere

In relation to improved air quality, environmental cleaning solutions also indirectly create a friendlier, more welcoming atmosphere. That’s because you won’t be dealing with harsh, clinical-smelling odours that can turn people off and can even cause headaches.

Indeed, most eco-friendly cleaners are odour-free or use natural fragrances such as essential oils. These are infinitely more pleasant than the nose-biting smell of synthetic bleach. Moreover, natural fragrances may even have health benefits.

With a fresh-smelling environment, people will be in a better mood when they come into your office.

Increased Productivity

It’s no secret that employees are more productive when they’re working in a clean and healthy environment. Of course, cleanliness is also achievable with traditional products. However, as earlier mentioned, they may not be as pleasant and can even be downright harmful.

Switching to environmental products and methods can minimise or even completely eliminate the negative aspects of cleaning. Beyond cleanliness, eco-friendly solutions can provide a sense of calmness and even harmony. When your employees know that you’re providing them with optimal working conditions while protecting the environment, they’ll have more peace of mind that can translate to the way they do their jobs.

Reduced Cleaning Costs

Green cleaning products and equipment used to be more expensive than traditional ones. It’s a simple case of supply and demand. Not many people were using eco-friendly products back then, which meant that manufacturers had to raise prices to be able to make more. The high cost can be prohibitive, which then led back to the initial problem of not having a big enough user base.

As time went on, more people became more aware of environmental issues. This pushed the demand for more eco-friendly products, which then drove overall costs down. Nowadays, there’s little difference between the prices of green and traditional products. In fact, you might even find that some eco-friendly products are a bit cheaper.

Green cleaning is also cheaper because it’s designed to be more efficient. Not only do you use less product, you also don’t need to clean as often.

Lastly, because recycling is a big part of eco-friendly cleaning, you also save money in this regard. In fact, you may even earn money if you return or recycle materials rather than dispose of them.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

As mentioned earlier, most traditional cleaners contain harsh ingredients. Many of these are not only toxic, but can also damage different materials they come into contact with. Some of the prime “victims” of these harsh cleaners include wooden floors, plastic, and fabrics or fibres such as those used in carpets.

Eco-friendly cleaners, on the other hand, are made from natural ingredients, many of which are mild and can be used for multiple materials. They are also non-toxic and biodegradable. Best of all, they usually don’t leave any residues that can make surfaces look dull or faded.

All of these simply mean that you will be able to keep your office furniture and furnishing in tip-top shape for longer. This translates to lower maintenance and acquisition costs in the long run.

You might feel like it’s a difficult transition, going from traditional to eco-friendly cleaning but the change isn’t really all that hard. Consider hiring a commercial cleaning company that utilises eco-friendly methods and products to achieve the desired results in the most efficient manner.

Don’t forget to invest in eco-friendly cleaners and tools as well for your employees to use when they conduct individual clean-ups. This way, they can get used to using these products and experience the difference. Who knows, they might even be inspired to carry on the habit at home!

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