A messy office workspace can lead to misplaced files and lost information; as a result, you’ll take more than usual to complete your tasks. What’s more, the state of your desk can affect your mood and make you feel unmotivated.

A disorganised desk also contributes to your colleagues’ impression of you. This can lead to feelings of self-consciousness, which can in turn make you lose focus or feel stressed.

In short, it’s crucial to maintain a clean and organised desk setup for productivity and efficiency. Not only that, a clean and organised desk also creates a healthier environment in which you can work.

You can rely on your preferred commercial cleaners to maintain overall office cleanliness; for your personal workspace, however, you should take the lead. This way, you have complete control over both the aesthetics and the organisation system.

That said, here are some desk setup ideas that you can use not only in the office but also at home:

Install Some Shelving

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, the best thing you can do to organise your desk is to install some shelving. For those working at home, place your desk against a wall and install shelves above and/or next to your desk.

For those working in the office, it’s likely that you’re assigned a cubicle or else working on a shared space. In this situation, the best solution is to make use of tabletop shelving. Two or three additional layers, with your desk serving as the bottomost layer, should do the trick.

Regarding the items you should place on these shelves, it’s all up to you! You can use it for supplies like printer paper, notebooks, file folders, and pens. The key is to place the most-used items on the most accessible sections.

Keep Decorative Items Off the Main Desk Space

For a seamless and more efficient flow of work, it’s ideal to keep your desk space clear of unnecessary items. If you prefer having accessories and decor such as photo frames or plants, place them somewhere else; the above-mentioned shelves are the perfect candidate. If you’re facing a wall, you can also try hanging some of your decor.

Do note that having too many decorations may be more distracting than helpful, so be wise about choosing what to display.

Elevate Your Monitor

If you have limited desk and shelf space, one of the best solutions is to elevate your monitor or laptop. You can use a monitor stand, a monitor riser, or even a laptop stand. Then, you can use the bottom area to store paperwork, folders, pencil cases, and other thin or flat items.

Another benefit of elevating your monitor or laptop is that it puts the screen on eye-level. This lessens the strain on your neck and aids in promoting better posture.

Use Desk Drawer Dividers

Do you find yourself rummaging through your office drawers for a long time just to find a single item? If so, then you need the ultimate organisation hack: drawer dividers and trays. There are many available options, although the most popular ones are either plastic or fabric.

With these organisation accessories, you’ll be able to maximise the space in your desk drawers. You’ll also have a more convenient space to store small items such as paper clips, push pins, and the like.

For the best results, place the least-used items in the bottom and the most-used ones on top. You should also try hanging drawer dividers and trays that you can slide around for easy access.

Store Items by Type

Another convenient way to organise your office desk or workspace is to sort items by type. Once you’ve found your preferred storage and organisation solutions, dedicate a space for the same or related items.

For example, you can keep paper supplies like printing paper, sticky notes, note pads, and notebooks together. Writing implements like ballpoint pens, whiteboard markers, highlighters, and pencils can go into one holder; the same goes for cutting tools like scissors and box cutters.

To make things a little more fun, look for storage solutions in colours and designs that you love. If you’re the artsy type, you can buy solid-coloured boxes, trays, and shelves, then customise them to your heart’s content!

Don’t Forget the Space Under Your Desk

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget the space under your desk. It’s the perfect area to store items that you use infrequently, as well as documents or old files that are kept for reference. You can also use the space to put away personal items, such as a spare pair of shoes.

Boxes are the simplest options for under-desk storage, although you can also opt for rolling carts or baskets. If you need to store valuable items or confidential documents, get a lockable rolling drawer.

What you have to remember is that there’s no one single “correct” way of keeping your work desk setup clean and organised. Everything will depend on the way you work and your personal preferences.


The bottomline is that in order to be productive at work, you have to maintain a spick-and-span desk.