Every job has stereotypes and misconceptions. For example, a hair stylist is either a “hot” young woman or a gay man. Meanwhile, a construction worker is someone who is “macho” with a typically beefy physical build.

Even professional commercial cleaners are not safe from such stereotypes. From cleaning being a “dirty” job to not being a viable means of livelihood, cleaners from all over New Zealand have probably experienced being pigeonholed into certain traits or categories.

That’s why this article will endeavour to debunk some of the most common stereotypes and misconceptions about being a cleaner. Hopefully, more people will come to appreciate the work that cleaners do and even consider it as a viable career path!

Only Women Clean

Back when people didn’t enjoy equal rights, it’s true that cleaning and other household maintenance tasks fell onto the shoulders of women. However, nowadays, both men and women can share the job of keeping the home neat and organised—and this also applies to jobs in the cleaning industry.

Indeed, anyone can be a professional cleaner as long as they complete the necessary training and have the required skills. Aside from the lack of gender bias, being a cleaner also doesn’t have an age limit (although some tasks are more suited for older and more physically capable workers).

Being a Cleaner Doesn’t Require Training

While it’s true that anyone can be a cleaner, it doesn’t mean that you can jump into this kind of career straightaway. Obviously, you have to have cleaning skills. In addition, you have to be aware of various cleaning methods.

You should also know how to use certain types of cleaning equipment and products. For example, some cleaning products aren’t appropriate for hardwood or polished marble. If you use the wrong product, you’ll end up ruining your customer’s property.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, if you want to be a professional cleaner, you must have ample knowledge of health and safety. This way, you can do your job in an efficient manner that doesn’t endanger you or anyone.

That said, it’s still entirely possible for someone who doesn’t have any background or prior training to become a good professional cleaner. However, it’s also true that being a good professional cleaner is different from being the one who handles all the cleaning at home.

Being a Cleaner Doesn’t Pay Well

Some people choose not to seek a career in cleaning because of the misconception that it doesn’t pay well. However, much like any other industry, cleaners get paid depending on their experience and what kind of cleaning they do.

For example, those who do specialised cleaning jobs are paid more because they’ve received specialised training. Sometimes, there are also additional payments or higher rates given to cleaners who work risky jobs.

That said, the average earnings of professional cleaners is between minimum to and $25 per hour. If you own a cleaning business, you may potentially earn more; however, this is dependent on the size and the level of success of your enterprise.

Cleaners Are Prone to Damaging Property and Theft

One of the more negative stereotypes about being a cleaner is that they’re prone to damaging items. An ever worse stereotype is that cleaners steal valuables and money from their clients.

The truth is that while there are indeed some incidents that involve property damage and theft within the cleaning industry, these are by no means the norm. What’s more, professional cleaning companies actually invest a lot in hiring the right people.

For one, cleaning companies provide training for their employees, from handling delicate items to using modern equipment. Cleaning services also have insurance. This way, on the rare occasion that something is damaged, all parties are sufficiently covered and protected.

Another thing that commercial cleaners do is run background checks on job candidates. After all, one of the goals of any business is to establish a positive reputation. Through background checks, business owners can ensure that they’re hiring the best employees.

Cleaners Are Hired by Lazy People

The last stereotype in this list is not so much as about cleaners themselves, but about those who hire them. For some people, hiring cleaners is the lazy way out of maintaining a home or office. However, it’s actually a wise choice.

Many people lead busy day-to-day lives. Parents, for example, not only work long hours at their jobs but also help their young children with school work. Add household chores to the mix and they barely have any time to relax.

By hiring cleaners to take care of their home, parents can spend a bit of time for themselves. The extra hours can also be spent on quality moments with their loved ones.

The same can be said in offices. When you hire professional cleaners to maintain the space, you don’t have to worry too much about cleaning. You can then allocate more time and resources to crucial business matters.


The bottomline? Being a cleaner is an honourable job that pays well and contributes to society. Be happy and proud!