One of the most important aspects of owning a business is keeping the premises clean, using commercial cleaning products. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in and how big or small your business is. Maintaining cleanliness ensures the health and safety of your employees and your visitors, such as partners and customers. A clean workplace can also help improve your reputation, as it shows that you prioritise the well-being of everyone who will set foot in your establishment.

As such, it’s only wise to invest in high-quality cleaning products. You might be tempted to use household cleaning products instead, to save a few dollars. However, not all cleaning products are created equal. If you hire professional cleaning crews once in a while to give your workplace a good scrubbing, you’ll notice that they use industrial-strength, commercial-grade products. This is because professional cleaning crews know and understand the difference between these two kinds of cleaning aids.

Below, we discuss how household and commercial cleaning products are different and why you should invest in commercial-level products for your business.

They are Designed for Deep Cleaning

This is the primary distinguishing factor between commercial and household cleaning products: the former are formulated to ensure deep, thorough cleaning. If you use household products in a commercial setting, you might not achieve the level of cleanliness you need. This is particularly important in establishments that have stricter sanitation and hygiene requirements such as restaurants and health facilities.

What’s more, the stronger ingredients in commercial cleaning products are more difficult to acquire. While you can easily prepare homemade cleaners using items you can find at the grocery, it’s more challenging to concoct industrial-strength products at home. You’re also likely to get the formulation wrong, which means the resulting product may not be as effective. Finally, using household products in a commercial setting can slow you down and hamper your productivity.

Commercial Cleaning Products Come in Larger Quantities

Obviously, you can buy household products in bulk and in bigger quantities. For example, you can buy liquid detergents or dishwashing soap in 1,000 millilitre bottles for home use. However, commercial cleaning products come in much larger quantities. It’s common to see 5-litre bottles of kitchen degreasers, for example, or 25-litre containers of floor cleaners.

One reason that commercial cleaning products are sold in larger quantities is that commercial establishments are also larger than most households. It’s also meant to save money. With bigger containers, you don’t have to make multiple purchases. You also don’t have to worry you’ll run out of product in the middle of a deep-cleaning session.

These Products Disinfect Better

Again, commercial establishments are expected to meet high standards of cleanliness. Healthcare facilities and food-related businesses are required to meet even higher, stricter standards. If these establishments use household cleaning products, they might not meet these exacting requirements. Commercial cleaners use stronger ingredients that offer better disinfecting capabilities. Obviously, this is not to say that household cleaning products aren’t able to kill microorganisms. However, heavy-duty commercial products are formulated to tackle more kinds of harmful pathogens at higher concentrations.

Commercial Cleaning Products are Safe and Non-Toxic

Again, this doesn’t mean that household cleaning products aren’t safe and non-toxic. In fact, many cleaning agents meant for home use are now being made using Earth-friendly substances. Some are even deemed safe even for young children. What sets commercial cleaning products apart is that their manufacturers know the right combination of certain chemicals. With correct formulation and proper usage, commercial cleaning products are guaranteed safe to use. Like household products, industrial-grade cleaning agents nowadays are also starting to move toward using more eco-friendly ingredients.

They are Developed for Specific Areas

There are plenty of all-purpose or multi-purpose cleaners for home use. This kind of product is attractive for many homeowners because they then don’t have to buy different kinds of cleaning agents for various purposes. For commercial settings, however, all-in-one products are hardly ideal since these might not be able to clean every surface you want.

For commercial settings, it’s still best to use commercial cleaning products. They are developed to target a particular kind of material or surface. There are specific cleaners for stainless steel, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, and carpet that deliver the best results. There’s no guesswork involved—when you grab a container of stainless steel cleaner, you’re sure that it can clean stainless steel safely and effectively.

All of this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention when you clean your home. Indeed, homes should also maintain a high level of cleanliness for everyone’s health, safety, and comfort. In general, however, homes are easier to clean than commercial establishments. That’s why basic home products already suffice in most cases.

For commercial establishments that are far larger and cater to more people, commercial-level cleaning products are a must. There are more rooms to clean, more dishes to scrub, more linens to wash, among others. It’s only logical to use cleaning products that can make these labour-intensive tasks easier and more efficient.