An office manager performs key roles in an organisation, particularly in overseeing administrative support. This job includes ensuring workplace cleanliness, which in turn contributes to the smooth run of day-to-day operations.

A clean office is also crucial in making a good impression to clients—potential and current alike—as well as future employees. The state of the workplace is also a good indication of how well a company takes care of its people. This ultimately affects public perception and the company’s reputation.

In short, you need to look for a professional cleaning company that meets your needs and can help you achieve your goals. The big question, of course, is how do you exactly find “the one” that will tick all the boxes.

To help you make that decision, here’s a quick list of criteria to look for in a commercial cleaning company:


One of the first things you need to consider when hiring a cleaning company is its reputation. Do they deliver quality work? Do they treat their customers right? Do they charge reasonable prices for their services?

If you already have a cleaning company in mind, you can start by going to their website and social media pages. Check the reviews and testimonials by former and current customers to get the most honest and genuine glimpse into a company.

On the other hand, if you don’t have an idea yet where to look or who to hire, consider asking for recommendations and references. If a cleaning company provides great services, their customers will be more than willing to give an endorsement.

Staff’s Expertise and Safety Training

At first glance, cleaning might seem like a simple job that doesn’t require any specialities. The reality, however, is that it’s anything but. From using the correct products for different types of materials and surfaces, to staying updated with the latest technologies, being a cleaner requires a lot of effort and training.

Aside from guaranteed high-quality results, hiring a cleaning company that consistently provides skills development to its staff also reduces risk and liability. If there are hazardous chemicals to be cleaned and disposed of, for example, proper knowledge and techniques are required to avoid personal injury and/or property damage.

Indeed, if you want peace of mind, you should go with a cleaning company that properly vets and provides training to its personnel.

Quality of Results

It’s frustrating to be faced with an office that’s improperly cleaned. Aside from potentially disrupting the workflow, it can also cause other issues such as health problems. You may also end up unable to meet the regulations set by the law.

That’s why, in relation to the previous point, it’s crucial to hire a cleaning company that puts skills development and training in its list of priorities. This way, you can expect to always receive quality results.

Of course, it’s impossible to know a cleaning company’s capability to deliver on their promises without hiring them. This is where the very first factor comes into play: make sure to check customer reviews. A cleaning company that delivers good services is bound to have a stellar reputation among its clientele.

Services Offered

Different workplaces have different cleaning needs. This means that a cleaning company with a hundred good reviews isn’t automatically the best choice for your office. Check the services offered first and see if they match your requirements before getting in touch.

You may also want to see if you can get customised cleaning plans. At times, you don’t really need the full service; perhaps only your carpets need some cleaning or your office windows are especially grimy after a rainy day.

After COVID-19, it’s also a plus if the cleaning company can also offer specialised disinfection services.

Insurance Coverage

No matter how careful you may be, accidents can and will happen. As such, it’s best to hire a cleaning company with proper insurance coverage. Ideally, a cleaning business should have at least general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

A properly insured cleaning business is a business that follows the law and also cares for its employees—definitely an establishment that you should consider working with.


Last but not least, take a look at a cleaning company’s practices and see how eco-conscious they are. Do they use energy-efficient equipment? Are they using cleaning products that are EPA-certified and environment-friendly? If they aren’t, are they amenable to using greener alternatives?

Of course, eco-friendliness is not an absolute must. However, supporting green and sustainability initiatives is undeniably good for business. Remember that modern consumers are more aware than ever of issues like climate change and are thus more willing to patronise companies who share the same values.


As you can see, choosing a commercial cleaning company is a serious matter. There’s a lot that depends on a clean office, so as an office manager, make sure to keep these things in mind when looking for commercial cleaners.