To grow your commercial cleaning business, you need to develop strategies in order to increase profits. Obviously, not everything is about earning more, more, more. You also need to figure out how to decrease costs, as well as to continuously improve your services.

To help you accomplish these goals, here are some tips you need to consider:

Find a Niche and Focus On It

Most cleaning companies nowadays offer multiple services, and that’s perfectly okay. However, it would be good for your business if you take a look at your offerings and then determine which one is the most profitable. Then, allocate more resources for marketing and improving that service.

If you prefer, you can also develop an all-new service in response to a new demand. For example, due to the pandemic, there’s an increasing need for high level COVID-19 cleaning. The bottom line is that by finding a niche and focusing on it, you’ll be able to increase profits and at the same time establish a positive reputation for that particular segment.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect your other services. Don’t let the quality of your work in other areas suffer in your effort to promote your strongest suit.

Make Sure You’re Using the Right Equipment

Technology has simplified a lot of tasks across various fields, including the cleaning industry. The only thing left to do is to invest in the right equipment and products. This requires you to shell out some money upfront, but the resulting efficiency and productivity can definitely offset these costs.

Some of the things you might consider purchasing are the following:

  • specialised cleaners (in addition to multipurpose cleaners)
  • prepackaged cleaning solutions
  • microfibre cleaning implements, such as mops and cloths
  • heavy-duty vacuum cleaners with multiple attachments/tools

You should also look for the right suppliers. The good ones will provide you with high-quality, authentic products, as well as lower prices for bulk purchases. Depending on your business relationship with them, you may even end up getting bigger discounts.

Keep Up With Current Trends in Commercial Cleaning

If possible, choose products that are eco-friendly and more energy-efficient. These can help build your reputation, especially with consumers becoming more discerning about the brands they support.

The cleaning industry also continues to evolve, year after year. Make sure to pay attention to the latest trends, from best practices to upcoming appliances, so you won’t get left behind.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on related industries (such as manufacturing and information technology). Changes within these fields can also affect your business, particularly with the introduction of new products.

Use Testimonials to Promote Yourself

When it comes to marketing and advertising, don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. It’s one thing for you to say that you’re the best in what you do; it’s a whole other ballgame if your customers do the heavy lifting for you.

Make the most of testimonials by posting them on your website and social media pages. This way, potential clients can see that you’re “legit.” Customer reviews can also humanise your brand and prove that you really are a good cleaning company.

The best thing about testimonials? They’re free of charge! After you complete your cleaning job, politely remind customers to leave feedback. Then, post these on your digital assets for maximum reach. (Make sure to ask for their consent when sharing responses, particularly when posting names and photographs.)

What’s even better is that if you deliver quality output and go the extra mile every time, you won’t need to ask for reviews. Your patrons will be more than willing to advocate for your cleaning company!

Networking Is Key

One of the most important business assets you can have is a robust professional network, and one of the best ways to establish yours is through events. There are plenty of workshops and conferences you can attend to meet new clients and potential employees.

Cleaning industry events are also the perfect place to meet colleagues, from whom you can learn business strategies and other tips. You can even branch out and attend events in other fields. For example, if you want to learn about how you can maximise social media for your marketing needs, then attend a social media seminar.

Another good idea is to hold small events yourself. For example, you can conduct an online webinar where you can share cleaning tips. You can do this for free, then simply ask your attendees to provide their email addresses (for future marketing efforts—again, ask for consent). Doing this can help put you in front of potential customers, as well as establish your credibility and competence.

Last but not least, always strive to improve. Invest in training and equipment. Use customer feedback to fine-tune your services and explore more ways you can innovate. Ultimately, increasing your profits is highly dependent on the quality of your work. If you provide top-notch services, people will be more than willing to hire your company.