All kinds of businesses can benefit from commercial cleaning services, but perhaps most especially if you’re operating a storefront. This is because you rely on good first impressions to attract customers and make a sale. Essentially, the appearance of the shop can and will reflect on your products (even if it isn’t necessarily true).

A good example here would be an auto dealership. It can be difficult to convince people to make a purchase if the showroom is dirty and the cars are covered in a layer of dust. Your employees can take a shot at some minor cleaning, of course, but it’s still best if you leave it up to the pros. This way, you can focus on aspects like customer service.

Below is a more in-depth look at a few reasons you should hire a commercial cleaning company for your auto dealership so you can better appreciate its benefits.

Your Employees Aren’t Experts at Cleaning

When you hired your employees, you probably didn’t look at how well they can clean. Rather, you chose them based on their customer service skills, sales aptitude, tech literacy, and product knowledge.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that your employees shouldn’t or aren’t able to tidy up; rather, it means that their time is better spent doing what they’re hired to do. Meanwhile, professional cleaners—who have not just the right tools and equipment but also proper training—can do a more efficient job of getting rid of the dirt and grime in your shop.

Cleaning Takes Away Time From Other Tasks

There’s nothing wrong about asking your employees to clean up after themselves. Instilling a culture of cleanliness can help foster a safe and healthy working environment. It’s also a good way to reinforce your employees’ sense of ownership of the company (i.e., taking care of what’s yours).

However, you can’t expect them to handle full-time cleaning tasks alongside their own jobs. This will take away valuable time from accounting, customer service, sales, and other more important tasks.

This doesn’t mean that cleaning isn’t important. However, as earlier mentioned, you hired your employees for their particular set of skills—which aren’t about cleaning. Let the professionals handle this task so that everyone else can focus, be more productive, and ultimately contribute to the success of your dealership.

You Care About Employee Health and Safety

As a business owner, it’s part of your mandate to provide a safe, healthy workplace for your employees, and a huge part of that is cleanliness. This isn’t merely about compliance, however. It’s also about ensuring the success of your business.

Numerous studies over the years have proven that cleanliness has a huge impact on an employee’s well-being and productivity. With healthy, effective employees who are motivated and happy with their jobs, your dealership can grow.

Clean workspaces are also more conducive to good mental health, which is definitely something you want when you’re dealing with customers day in and day out. This can result in positive word-of-mouth, which can lead to a positive reputation and thus greater potential for sales.

All of this is to say that hiring a commercial cleaning company for your auto dealership means your business can enjoy all of the above-mentioned benefits.

You Don’t Have the Budget to Hire Dedicated Cleaning Staff

The ideal scenario for keeping your auto dealership clean all the time is to have a permanent cleaning staff. However, this is a costly endeavour. Not only do you have to pay the salary of the personnel, it’s also your responsibility to purchase cleaning products, supplies, and equipment. All of these can add up to monumental costs, which not all businesses have.

In short, it’s more economical to work with professional cleaners and not just because it’s cheaper. It’s also faster to look for a trusted company than hire multiple individuals to make up your cleaning staff.

You Want to Enhance Customer Experience

As mentioned in the introduction, first impressions matter a lot to retail-oriented businesses like auto dealerships. You simply can’t stop people from making assumptions, especially since it’s expected of establishments to provide a conducive atmosphere for shopping.

Car buyers also shop around before making a final decision, which makes first impressions even more important. If your shop is dirty and disorganised, you can’t expect people to come back and make a big-ticket purchase. It also sends a message that you don’t value your customers and that you don’t care about your employees’ health—both things that you don’t want to be known for.

Conversely, having a clean, well-maintained auto dealership allows you to provide top-notch buying experience. You can also better showcase the vehicles for sale (professional cleaners can dust them off for you, too), which can further influence a customer to buy from you.


As you can see you have virtually nothing to lose and everything to gain when you hire a cleaning company. Everybody will benefit—you, your employees, and your customers—and that’s definitely something you want to come out of your investment!