Nowadays, people have become so focused on their work that matters like maintaining a clean and organised desk sometimes takes a backseat. However, a spotless, uncluttered desk is more than just visually pleasing. It’s also crucial to maintaining focus, thereby driving productivity.

Indeed, studies have shown that a clean and organised desk helps the brain better use its cognitive resources in order to process information. Meanwhile, those with poorly maintained workspaces are more likely to procrastinate because the mess triggers avoidance strategies

Fortunately, you can rely on professional office cleaners to keep your workplace in good order. From keeping the floors free dust-free to ensuring that the bathrooms are hygienic, commercial cleaners play a huge part in maintaining a spick and span office.

That being said, individual desks are usually individual responsibilities. This is especially true in traditional workplaces, in which every employee has their assigned desk (as opposed to open plan offices which usually have shared spaces to encourage collaboration), as well as for employees or freelancers who work from home.

To this end, here are some essential tips and tricks for cleaning and organising your work desk to help boost productivity and improve your overall sense of well-being:

Minimise the Amount of Paperwork

Thanks to technology, most jobs now require very minimal paperwork. In fact, depending on the industry, some jobs can completely eliminate the need for physical documents. This means that anyone can easily keep their desks free from clutter simply by reducing or avoiding print-outs.

Whenever possible, go paperless. You can and store documents electronically, then create a well-organised digital filing system. Doing this not only reduces physical clutter, but also makes it easier to find and manage your important documents.

Have a Place for Everything on Your Desk

To maintain order on your desk, make sure that everything—from pens and notepads to office supplies and personal items—has a proper place. Invest in desk organisers, drawers, “floating” shelves, and other storage solutions to keep your essentials within easy reach.

When everything has its proper place on your desk, you'll spend less time searching for things and more time being productive. Of course, you have to get in the habit of putting things back to their correct storage spaces.

Organise Wires and Cables

Tangled wires and cables are not only unsightly; they’re also hazardous. In worst-case scenarios, they can cause fires. In addition, having “spaghetti wires” can shorten their lifespan and lead to higher replacement or maintenance costs.

To avoid these unwanted situations, use cable clips or sleeves to bundle and secure wires neatly. There are also cable management boxes you can use to conceal cables and reduce clutter. An organised cable setup not only improves the appearance of your desk but also reduces the risk of accidents.

Clean Your Electronics

Your electronic devices, such as your computer, keyboard, mouse, and smartphone, are essential tools for work and keeping them clean is essential to maintain their functionality—and hygiene. Use a microfiber cloth and electronic-safe cleaning solutions to clean screens, keyboards, and other surfaces.

For nooks and crannies that can be difficult to get into, there are cans of compressed air that you can use to blow away dust and debris. Then, simply vacuum away the dirt. For keyboards with removable keys, wash the keys in warm soapy water to get rid of accumulated grime.

With clean electronics, your desk will look neater. Moreover, regularly maintained devices also perform better and can thus help you stay productive.

Label Items and Storage as Needed

Labelling items and storage containers may seem like a small detail, but it can make a significant difference in staying organised. Put labels on your desk drawers, bins, and folders to clearly identify their contents. This simple step ensures that you and others can quickly locate what you need, reducing the time spent searching for items.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Nearby

To maintain a clean and organised desk, it's a good idea to have cleaning supplies within arm's reach. Keep items like microfibre cloths, screen cleaners, and disinfectant wipes in a drawer or on a shelf near your desk (make sure to label them!). Doing this makes it easy to clean up spills or wipe down surfaces as needed, helping you maintain a tidy workspace.

Rearrange Items for Smoother Workflow

Ergonomics is also a big part of cleanliness, so rearrange items on your desk to create a more seamless, comfortable setup. Ensure that your monitor is at eye level, and that your keyboard and mouse are at a comfortable height. Organise your desk in a way that promotes a smoother workflow and reduces strain on your body.

Don't Eat on Your Desk

While it may be tempting to eat at your desk, it's best to avoid this habit. Eating at your desk can lead to crumbs, spills, and an overall messy workspace. Designate a separate area for meals to keep your desk clean and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Taking breaks away from your desk can also help you recharge and return to your work with a fresh perspective.


Remember that a clean desk is a reflection of your commitment to a more efficient, fulfilling workday. It's a canvas where your ideas come to life and your ambitions take shape. With these tips at your disposal, you can sculpt a workspace that not only looks inviting but actively enhances your ability to tackle tasks and feel your best.