The concept of clean as you go or CLAYGO has been around for decades. Simply put, it’s a policy that requires employees—no matter the tenure or rank—to clean their work area as soon as it’s needed and/or appropriate.

Implementing a CLAYGO policy is a simple but effective way of keeping the workplace clean. In fact, top-notch commercial cleaners recommend that their clients practise this approach in order to maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the office.

Do note that there are some cleaning tasks that take more precedence than others. For example, it’s important to take care of liquid spills first before washing the dishes. What you have to consider is the severity of the mess, as well as the danger it poses.

That said, aside from the obvious benefit of keeping your workplace spick-and-span, what other reasons are there to implement CLAYGO? Here are some benefits that might just convince you:

A Healthier, Happier Workplace

It can be difficult to establish a culture of cleanliness in the office, especially because different people have different habits. With CLAYGO, you can ease people into taking more responsibility for their messes; over time, this will develop into a comfortable routine.

The result will be a cleaner, healthier workplace where bacteria and other disease-carrying organisms will not be able to thrive. In turn, this results in a happier workforce with high morale and job satisfaction.

Fewer Accidents and Injuries

Plenty of minor accidents in the office can cause injuries. For example, slips, trips, and falls can result in bumps, cuts, and bruises. In worse cases, they can result in broken bones.

Fortunately, many of these accidents can be prevented by practising the clean as you go methodology. Simple things like closing cabinet doors properly and picking up clutter can drastically minimise the risk of accidents. When your employees feel safe in the workplace, they’ll be happier and more confident (see previous point).

As a bonus, CLAYGO can point you to other risks that you may not have noticed otherwise. It can be something small, like a loose floor tile or a broken door hinge. Even better is that this can help you save money, because you can prevent such issues from getting worse.

Productivity Boost

An employee’s productivity has a correlation with their happiness at work. After all, your employees can’t be as efficient in doing their jobs if they’re always worried about getting sick or injured. With a clean and clutter-free workplace, people can focus on doing their tasks. This ultimately results in a boost in productivity.

Even the simplest outcomes of CLAYGO can result in greater productivity. A good example here is the proper storage of materials and supplies. If these can be found and accessed easily, employees can start or resume their work much faster.

In addition, the practice of cleaning up as you go actually takes up less time than leaving the task for later. This means that employees can allocate more time for more meaningful things.

Compliance With Requirements

There are several laws and regulations in place to ensure that every person who has a job in New Zealand remains healthy and safe in the workplace. For example, under the HSWA 2015, an employer is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of all those who are affected by their work (employees or otherwise).

This responsibility involves a variety of things, such as providing personal protective equipment when needed. It also includes developing a safety programme, which can include cleanliness policies. This is where CLAYGO can come in.

With a clean and organised workplace, it’s easier to ensure the health and safety of everyone. By promoting a cleanliness culture through CLAYGO and other policies, you can also positively encourage your entire team to be more participative in the office’s H&S initiatives.

Good Impression With Clients

Last but certainly not least, cleaning as you go can help boost your image with clients. Whether you like it or not, people will develop an impression of your business based on the appearance of your premises. While you may do good work, this impression might be coloured unfavourably by an unkempt office.

Thus, you should work at keeping your office clean and organised at all times. This not only communicates your professionalism, but also lets clients know that you care about your people. In turn, these can make your business more appealing to clients and partners.


Of course, the simplest way to keep your office clean is to hire commercial cleaning companies. Nevertheless, it pays to have your entire office be part of a culture of cleanliness. It’s always a net positive when everyone is working towards common goals.

In terms of cleaning, CLAYGO is definitely a great tool for sparking that sense of initiative and teamwork. If you haven’t implemented this policy yet, perhaps it’s time to do so.