One of the most challenging things about maintaining a bar, aside from serving perfect cocktails and brews, is keeping it clean. It doesn’t matter if the beer is ice-cold or the food is mouthwateringly good. If the bar is greasy and grimy, your customers aren’t likely to come back. The problem is that cleaning a bar can be a bit of a complicated affair simply because it’s such a high-traffic spot. It becomes even more difficult to keep it orderly and sanitary when it’s happy hour and guests come and go within minutes of each other.

So how, then, can you maintain a bar’s cleanliness and ensure that patrons keep pouring in? Here are a few tips that can help you out.

Prepare Cleaning Checklists

There are a lot of things to keep clean in a bar so it’s also easy to miss out on something. Making checklists, along with a cleaning schedule, can help you in this regard. At the very least, you should prepare a daily cleaning timetable with a separate checklist for opening and closing.

What’s great about checklists is that they not only ensure that the staff doesn’t forget anything. They’re also a simple but effective way to instill the concept of accountability. Checklists also create a smoother workflow. Some of the things you may want to include in a bar opening cleaning checklist include wiping down liquor bottles, throwing old garnish and replenishing the stock, and cleaning the bar itself. At closing, you want to refill napkin holders, wash and put away glasses, restock liquor, and clean the floors, among others.

Deep-Clean Regularly

Aside from daily cleaning routines, you also need to devise weekly and monthly schedules for more thorough cleaning. A monthly deep-cleaning is ideal and you can hire a cleaning company for their bar cleaning services to get the best results. The above-mentioned cleaning checklists can come in handy for the cleaning crew, especially if you have special instructions for certain items or equipment.

You can also delegate the deep cleaning to your bartenders. Just make sure that they have the right tools and equipment such as EPA-approved disinfectants and cleaning solutions. To make things easier for your staff, you can opt for a bi-weekly schedule so the work can be spread out.

Have a Designated Spot for Everything

Cleaning a bar isn’t just about literal cleaning, such as dusting and wiping. You also need to keep things organised. Everything should have a designated space, from liquor bottles and glasses to garnishes, and syrups. When things are in their proper order, it’s also easier to keep them clean. Not to mention, an organised bar means your bartenders can work faster and more comfortably.

Make sure that everybody in the staff knows the placement of each and every item in the bar. It will not only help prevent confusion, but it also adds another layer of accountability. Simply put, if the bartender on-shift notices something out of place, they’ll know that those who worked before them are the ones responsible.

Reset the Station Every Time

Admittedly, it can be difficult to keep a bar in order at all times. There are busy hours all through the night, and your priority during these times should always be serving guests. Still, no matter how busy it gets, you should always strive to keep things as organised as possible while you’re working. Reset the stations as soon as you can so that it’s always ready for service.

Think of this as simply following the “claygo” or clean as you go principle. If there are opportunities to clean up and organise, take them. The key is to develop a system to identify what is urgent and what is non-urgent. Following this can ensure that your station is clean, clutter-free, and hygienic, perfect for preparing top-notch cocktails and mixes.

Even a couple of minutes of tidying up can make a huge difference in your efficiency. Guests will also appreciate a bartender who’s in control of their space, whether it’s preparing drinks or cleaning up. You might even convince customers to stay longer if you have a well-kept bar.

Be Consistent

Another thing that you have to keep in mind when it comes to keeping a bar clean is consistency. This applies especially for opening and closing times so that everyone has a fresh start as they begin their shifts. Do note that every bar is different and your people may need either more or less time to finish their cleaning tasks. Nevertheless, the key is not the amount of time you spend cleaning and organising but rather developing the habit. Once you’re used to your cleaning rituals (remember the checklists you prepared), you’ll notice that it will hardly take effort anymore.

As earlier mentioned, keeping a clean bar can be a challenge. Don’t let this stop you from maintaining a spic-and-span station, however. Keep in mind that a clean and organised bar allows you to do your job easier, resulting in better service and more customers. Get in touch with Crewcare today for worry-free, professional cleaning for your bar.