3 Cleaning Myths Debunked

Dusting off conference room Dusting off conference room

At Crewcare we hear plenty of myths from our clients about cleaning. So we have listed the top 3, and proven them wrong.

1. Frequent vacuuming will wear my carpet out

In fact, it’s the opposite. If you regularly vacuum your carpets, you’ll be keeping them dirt and dust free. Vacuuming allows your carpets to breath and releases tangled fibres. Alongside regular vacuuming, hiring a professional for a thorough clean at least once a year, will extend the life of your carpet. In the long run, it’s far cheaper to clean regularly than replace all your carpeting.

2. Steam cleaning will cause mould. 

Some think that getting your carpet wet will summon mould spores. Although this is true, steam cleaning is completely different. Steaming your carpets will wash away all the dirt at high temperatures, which essentially breathes new life into your carpets. For this kind of service, you will need the professionals. It’s unlikely to find domestic cleaners who will do this for you.

3. If it smells clean, it must be clean.

Not all cleaning products are the best at what they do, so to make up for this, they have added fragrance put in. This could be in the form of ‘tropical getaway’ ‘pine forest’ or even ‘cinnamon bun’. But these synthetic smells aren’t that good for everyone, especially those with sensitivities. Sometimes the best products don’t have a distinct smell at all.

The best myth which we haven’t listed above, is that commercial cleaners don’t do a thorough and noticeable clean. If this is the case, give Crewcare a call so we can prove this myth busted. We work hard to keep your workspace clean every day!

3 Cleaning Myths Debunked